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  1. Test_F_i_2_Luv

    Major Shut Down Coming!

    News flash...and news flash melody(click video and read on): Now for the news: AOL Messenger is shutting down in December of this year! Surely you have memories of this great, powerful, unmatched, high-tech program?
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    Mean Tweets

    Responding to mean tweets... ...oops...
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    A Response to the Bad News Thread...Some Good News!

    Another thread is titled "Why We love Bad News More than Good News". Here, for a change, is some good news. :)
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    1 Defense Weapon Against 3 Assault Weapons

    Come into my house or on my property with your assault weapon and and I will use my defense weapon to protect my property and/or people. In Liberalism, all weapons are seemingly classified as assault weapons. In my Conservative world, there are defense weapons and assault weapons...
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    Car Is Officially Ready for 2016 Election!

    Proud Deplorable! :o It's easier to do this than to endorse a candidate this election cycle! May have doubled the value of my car!
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    Tim Kaine's Biblical Support for Same-Sex Marriage

    Tim Kaine(Shrillary's running mate for VP) recently spoke at the Heinous Rights Campaign and explained how the Bible supports fake marriage. If you go to the link, it will take you to the part where he goes into his theology... In case you don't want to...
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    All You Republicans/Conservatives Talk About Is Abortion and Same-Sex Marriage!

    Ever hear the whining and complaining that Republicans/Conservatives focus and talk about abortion and same-sex marriage? Today, with the formal announcement that Mike Pence is Trump's running mate, came these warnings: 5 things every voter in America needs to know about Mike Pence, Donald...
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    NARAL - Comedians in Cars Getting Abortions

    The abortion industry promotes abortion and mocks the pro-life movement.
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    Is There a War on Women?

    Do you think there is, as some in politics state, a "war on women"? If so, is it being properly identified and/or properly handled? If not, what's being misconstrued? Jesse Watters, who works for a major cable news channel, was in Miami asking people about the "war on women". Because some of...
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    The Goal: Make Humanity Non-Binary

    The goal of the LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ community is to impose a non-binary system on everyone. We've also got to add "zer" and "hir" to our vocabulary. Full article here...
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    What Is Up With This Commercial?
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    Christian Cuss'n (Humor)

    . . Got any to add to this list, butt dumplings? :p
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    So, How Are We Going to Pay for This?

    From an unlikely source, a great question!
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    Your Top Issues in USA Election 2016?

    As you're trying to decide(or have decided) who to support for president, what issue(s) have been at the top of your list? Notice the question is asking about names of issues, not about the names of candidates. If you're not sure how to describe a issue(s), a rather detailed list of issues can...
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    Out of Context - Whether Funny or Frustrating

    Surely you've heard it or seen it in writing...someone quoting the Bible and taking a verse out of context and just torturing it's meaning. You either laughed because you thought it was so incredible that someone could misunderstand a verse(s) that bad, or you were frustrated beyond belief that...