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  1. Cuen

    bad firefox!!!

    ok i have been having trouble with my fire fox lately and it has been freezing and doing some weird things.... i even uninstalled the thing and hoped that when i reinstalled it it will be working better.... to my suprize, it even reloaded the same bookmarks which to me was not a good sign. I was...
  2. Cuen

    need internet advice

    OK all...... i just have one question. I am kind of looking for a decent (priced) internet company that I could get for my computer... i do not have a phone line to connect and i am just wondering whats out there without having to sell my arm or leg or at least a crocheted arm or leg :p thanks...
  3. Cuen

    Computer advice

    hey there...... i am thinking of getting my self a laptop. i really wanted one with wins XP but would be hard to find on a laptop these days i have heard there is a win 7 thats out now ... but i have no idea how well it works ( have not even had the chance to try it out) so any ideas...
  4. Cuen

    Is Christian Chat your home page ?

    ok, i will say mine is not CC ... i like my yahoo e mail right there :) but i have heard some people have made cc their home page. perhaps its more important then their e mail, news, google, games, myspace, facebook, and other entertainments :P I am just cerious :) the crocheter Cuen
  5. Cuen

    I need prayer

    I am asking for prayer for my health problems I have had for most of my life. I have been dealing with Fibromyalgia (chronic nerve pain) and osteo arthritis and hyperacusis (very sensitive hearing) because of this I have not been able to visit churches for more then 10 years and other places...