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    I was thinking, a few hours ago, about something that's been going on the past couple of years. A family member of mine had a very serious illness, and I thought I would lose them, but (thank God) they are doing great now. I thought about how much good and growth had come from the whole...
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    Birthday presents for Kenthomas

    Kenthomas (also known around these parts as 17Bees) has a birthday coming up, and I think we should pick out virtual presents for him. I got him this fabulous taxidermy squirrel, because there was no reason not to: A sink strainer, because it's random: And a mech that comes with a...
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    Kids give their thoughts on marriage

    I saw this online and thought it was funny. Enjoy. Or not. It's up to you. ;)
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    What's the dorkiest song on your playlist?

    ...or rather, the dorkiest song you will admit to having on your playlist. I've got "Let it Go." You may all start unfriending me now. :p
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    The Statue of Liberty

    I think the Statue of Liberty may be some sort of Trojan Horse. Think about it... a large, hollow object, given to us by a foreign country, with the expectation that we will place it in a prominent location. Have we ever scanned that thing for explosives or anything? If anybody takes this...
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    Difference between a crush and being in love?

    I have heard it said that crushes are selfish and love is selfless. Some people say that crushes aren't based on reality and you are liking an illusion of the person that you have conjured up in your mind. I have also heard that crushes are infatuations without any devotion or depth. What is...
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    Turning points

    Have you ever had an experience that changed the way you think, or the way you see things? Was it a good change? What brought it about? When I was around 16 or 17, a WWII first person shooter game came out that I absolutely loved. It was a very tactical game, meaning you really had to think...
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    Friendships and emotional attachment

    I would like to hear everyone's opinions, but I hope Cinder will show up and post because I'm bouncing off of something she said a while ago but I can't quote it because I don't remember where it was. :p The basic premise was not to get too close/emotionally attached to a friend of the opposite...
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    Ask PopClick Anything...

    ...except, you know, stuff I might not want to answer. My areas of expertise include (but are not limited to): pyrotechnics, ancient aliens who built the moon, grammar (especially the niche area of who vs whom), and how to milk any animal on earth (with a focus on beavers). Ask away. :p
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    The "take a post out of context" thread

    The purpose of this thread is to take part of somebody's post out of context so that it makes no sense. I'm going to start by picking on KenThomas because of his current signature. The only "rule" to this thread is that it would be nice if you included that little tag on the post that looks...
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    Andrew Chan's letter to his younger self

    Hey everyone, I saw this story online and thought it was very interesting and thought-provoking. Documentary filmmaker says Andrew Chan hoped his story could save the life of at least one person - Andrew Chan was a drug smuggler who was sentenced to death. While he was on death...
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    I want someone with purple skin

    Imagine that you are someone with purple skin. Would hearing that make you uncomfortable? What about hearing someone talk about having a thing for people with your particular eye or hair color? Is it just normal human preferences that cause people to say stuff like that? Or should those things...
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    Do you ever vote on polls? This thread will be taken for the obvious nonsense that it is. Nobody will point out the absurdity of the second poll option. But people will click it. Please and thank you.
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    A Heart of Stone

    All this talk about crying on the forums has me about to post something I've been thinking about for a while. I didn't use to cry much, at all. It was incredibly rare, and when it did happen it was usually brought on by anger. I was (and still am) independent, very much my own person, and don't...
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    No part of this story is intended to be taken literally. It's an overly-dramatized commentary on respect. She sat on the ground with her knees to her chest, one wrist chained loosely to the wall of the enclosure. Four brick walls, a wooden door, a dirt floor, and a roof open to the stars; the...
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    Gratitude and perspective

    I appreciate my dreams a lot. Sometimes they are totally random, bizarre, and forgettable, and sometimes I learn things from them. I might see things in a different light, or from another person's point of view, or maybe see an attitude of mine that needs adjusting. I like airplanes...
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    The Store

    I just went there for a few things, on what was supposed to be a quick, simple stop. But as I was getting ready to check out and leave, I saw an aisle I had never noticed before. The banner above the aisle, instead of "Canned Goods" or something like that, just said "Everything". Curiosity got...
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    Are you a pirate or a ninja?

    Where does your loyalty lie? Pirates, or ninjas? Please note that there is no option for neutrality.
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    It's the troll Tintin thread!

    Okay, so Tintin wants to get better at spotting and ignoring trolls. Practice makes perfect, right? Tintin, all you need to do is ignore this thread completely. First troll tactic: Bizarre and unnecessary criticism. As in: Tintin, I do not like that hat you're wearing. Take it off.
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    Hope your new life together is filled with happiness!