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  1. tourist

    Who is voting for Trump again?

    I fully concur with your estimation. Obama despised the military. Now there is a president that loves and respects the military and their veterans.
  2. tourist

    Prayers for my dad!

    I will pray that your dad goes to the ER for an evaluation of possible serious injury and that he receives effective treatment.
  3. tourist

    No worries- Asteroid "Apophis" will miss earth by a far distance of 30,577 kilometers in 2029

    At that distance, the asteroid would be considered a near-miss. The whole book of Revelation warns of biblical events that are to come. We may not know the day or hour that Jesus returns, and even He doesn't know but the only the Father knows, but we can know the season by learning about the...
  4. tourist

    How to Drive?

    In Florida it means that the interstates are now a parking lot.
  5. tourist

    Who is voting for Trump again?

    I'm an American veteran too. Thank you for your service in supporting and defending the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic...
  6. tourist

    Up and down and around!!

    Your wife is a saint for putting up with that. I wouldn't bother telling your wife anymore as that just hurts her. I know that it has been a struggle for you but it is probably very degrading to your wife. Maybe there is an AA type of program for overcoming a porn addiction.
  7. tourist

    Any readers of The Message, Bible translation?

    The real smart cookies who are mathematically inclined get promoted to Numbers. You have to study Leviticus in detention.
  8. tourist

    Any readers of The Message, Bible translation?

    That would make a good skit on SNL.
  9. tourist

    Any readers of The Message, Bible translation?

    Looks like a sloppy paraphrase. I don't believe that you will get a lot of spiritual good from reading this, more likely, it may cause spiritual harm.
  10. tourist

    Robot 'Killed' After Being 'Run Over' By Self-Driving Tesla There's video

    Would this be considered 'manslaughter'?
  11. tourist

    Christian view on "night owl" life?

    In Florida it's a 24/7/365 day world. I agree with your estimation.
  12. tourist


    This life is definitely not Christ's rest. I feel tired. Waiting.
  13. tourist

    Why do some Christians think they can win this spiritual battle alone ?????

    What spiritual battle are you referring too? Glad to have you join us. Welcome to CC.
  14. tourist


    Perhaps you feel that your parents are intruding on your personal space.
  15. tourist

    Harvest SoCal 2019

    I am praying for a spiritual awakening.
  16. tourist

    Hello, I'm new

    It sounds like a change of scenery would be beneficial including a new church home where you can receive relevant spiritual counsel that you can apply in a practical sense.
  17. tourist


    If you are old enough and still living at home you might consider moving out. Honoring your parents does not mean that you must subject yourself to being interrogated. I will say a prayer for God to improve your relationship with your parents. Glad to have you as part of our community. Welcome...
  18. tourist

    Hades / The Grave

    Apparently, Lazarus opted for the deluxe package when he negotiated the cost for the funeral. Angels can't be cheap. They probably charge by the hour.
  19. tourist

    So fed up can't handle this much more!

    I feel like you do at least once a week. Yeah, we got to stick it out to the end and keep fighting the good fight. You certainly are not a dummy so please don't think like that. I feel your pain.
  20. tourist

    Hi :)

    Glad to have onboard with us. Welcome to CC.