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    Comment by 'Zhen' in media 'Chicken salad with Mango'

    Come here! I'll buy you a plate, haha ;)
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    Comment by 'Zhen' in media 'Chicken salad with Mango'

    Does orange kitty like salads? haha
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    Comment by 'Zhen' in media 'Chicken salad with Mango'

    It was really yummy :giggle:
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    A conversation about nothing in particular

    Have you been frustrated but amused at the same time? It happened to me today. Click the link for more details: :cool:
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    "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength!"

    "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength!"
  6. Chicken salad with Mango

    Chicken salad with Mango

    #yummy #healthy FYI, I bought it, I didn't prepare it myself 😋
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    Learning to trust God more as I wait... I wait for Him to turn my brother's life around...

    Learning to trust God more as I wait... I wait for Him to turn my brother's life around I wait for Him to draw my sister back to Him I wait for that day when He will free us from all our debts I wait for the fulfillment of His promises. Trusting Him is not always easy...
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    Gone were those days when you seemed to be deeply and madly in love with me When I saw love in the way you looked at me When I felt it in your tender and warm embrace Gone were those days… Gone were those days…. **************************** Those were the days when with just one kiss you made...
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    Nature lovers: Share you adventures here!

    I like hiking and enjoying the beauty of nature. It always has a refreshing effect on me. I like taking pictures as well, so it makes hiking more fun for me. Here's the latest one: When was the last time you enjoyed nature (a...
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    Where's your safe place?

    Where's your safe place? Where do you belong? This is where I belong: What about you?
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    What makes flying less scary?

    I like flying but I still get scared every time I fly. But I enjoy cloud-watching (if there's such a term as that), so it makes flying less scary for me. :D You can read more here: What about you? What makes flying less scary for...
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    I Choose to Believe That He's in Control

    There are many things in life that seem strange at first, but then later on we would realize how those seemingly strange things all fit in to paint a bigger picture we didn't see or understand before. There are still many things in my life that I don't completely understand right now, but as I...
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    There's always a reason to smile. What's yours?

    Despite how bad our situations may seem or how cruel this world can be, we can always find reasons to smile and be happy. The link below will show you one of the few things I do here in China that gives me priceless joy: What's...
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    Laging Mananalig

    Sinasabing ang buhay ay parang gulong Minsan nasa itaas ka, minsan nasa ibaba Ngunit bakit pakiramdam ko’y lagi akong sawi’t talo Kailan pa kaya iikot ang gulong ng buhay ko? Iikot pa ba kaya ang nasabing gulong? O mananatili na lang akong nadadaganan nito? Ito ba talaga ang kapalaran...
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    I like to end my day by .... (Complete the sentence)

    Hi guys! Just curious. How do you usually wrap up your day? Shalom! Zhen
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    Hello mga Kababayan!

    Just dropping by to say hi! Kumusta po kayong lahat?
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    He Who Completes Me

    My heart longs to be accepted; to belong; But I guess my heart belongs to You alone; For I’ve been searching… …been wanting to feel accepted …been waiting to belong …been hoping to get noticed But found no one who can make me feel complete. ********** But today You reminded me that Your...
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    Our hope is found in You alone, our LORD and Savior Winning life’s battles is impossible on our own Only You alone can calm the raging storms… …that steal our joy; …that cause us to be restless; …that make us doubt Your goodness; …that distract us from hearing Your voice. *********** When...
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    New to Christian Chat

    Hello everyone! I'm new here. Would love to get to know "like-minded" people from all over the world. :-) Shalom! Zhen
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    My Best Friend

    Just as I needed you, you’re there, Whenever I’m weary, you care, Tears and laughter we both share. Every time I cry, you wipe away my tears, You give me courage when I’m frightened and scared, You are my shepherd, always and forever. Sometimes life seems so hard, Troubles and trials all so...