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  1. KohenMatt

    Thanksgiving Attendance?

    Who has the most family members anticipated to be at your lunch/dinner? 22 for me.
  2. KohenMatt

    A Sad Irony with my Father

    Not sure why I'm creating a new thread for this, but felt compelled to share anyway. My Dad was going to come out today to visit us and his 5 grandkids, one of which he hasn't met yet. But he emailed me yesterday and said he couldn't come out because he was so grieved by the election results...
  3. KohenMatt

    Happy Yom Kippur!

    Whether you're celebrating the day or not, I pray you all have a blessed Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement!) This is a day to remember and celebrate the atoning work of our Savior and to acknowledge how absolutely unworthy we are to come into His presence on our own. We're only able to do so...
  4. KohenMatt

    What's the Next Big Trip/Vacation You're Taking?

    Mexico in February. Israel in November 2017. You?
  5. KohenMatt

    All 613 Laws

    I created a similar thread 2 years ago because at the time, there were a lot of references to the "Law" on this forum, but very few quotes of the specific Laws themselves. I think we're at a similar place with a bunch of new faces on the forum. In order to weed out a lot of the commentary from...
  6. KohenMatt

    Should I Have ANOTHER Swiss Cake Roll?

    Does Little Debbie have a snack for me?
  7. KohenMatt

    Trivia: What is the 1st thread posted in the Bible Discussion Forum about?

    Trivia Question: What is the 1st thread posted in the Bible Discussion Forum about? Take a guess. No cheating.
  8. KohenMatt

    Home Birth?

    Who has had Home Births? Pro's and Con's to it?
  9. KohenMatt

    New Year's Day is Pagan

    Too soon?;):p
  10. KohenMatt

    What Biblical Topics Are You Passionate About?

    OK, no cop-out answers like, "The whole Bible." But what specific topics do you love studying and talking about? What topical teachings or sermons always get your attention? If you could only talk about 3 specific Biblical topics for the rest of you life, what would they be?
  11. KohenMatt

    Is it Gossip to Criticize Pastors and Leaders?

    How does the Bible define or talk about gossip, and is it gossip to criticize Pastors and Leaders?
  12. KohenMatt

    What Does "Under" a Covenant mean?

    And to what purpose, end or goal would someone be "under" a particular covenant?
  13. KohenMatt

    Pentecost - This Sunday

    Does anyone here celebrate it? If so, how? If not, why not?
  14. KohenMatt

    Do You Celebrate Christmas?

    We all know the "yes's" will win, but, I wanted a simple way for folks to see that there are a number of people who do NOT celebrate christmas, and can then begin asking why either in public or private. (I would request from both sides of this particular fence that we shouldn't turn this thread...
  15. KohenMatt

    When Was Jesus Born?

    When was Jesus Born?
  16. KohenMatt

    Have a Great Sabbath Everyone!

    Blessings and Peace to you all today! Matt
  17. KohenMatt

    Happy Sabbath Everyone!

    I pray that all of you are blessed with peace, revelation and anointing on this day! Shabbat Shalom (Peaceful Sabbath)!!
  18. KohenMatt

    How do you Support your Children?

    Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally?
  19. KohenMatt

    Hey ! I Married the Right Person!

    How did you meet your spouse, and did you know they were the "right" person?
  20. KohenMatt

    Game 7!

    OK Royals!! 1 More Win for the Title!