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    REPROBATE – adokimos – unapproved, rejected, castaway, worthless, reprobate (Strong’s) Men ordained to damnation (Webster’s) Depravity – corrupt, perverse, marked by corruption or evil Corrupt – morally degenerate, perverted, decline in moral standards...
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    Was the STAR of Bethlehem a comet?

    Interesting idea in that the math wizards could figure out the timing of the birth of Christ. I have no clue......just wondering.
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    What grade are YOU in??

    When I saw this I was reminded how important it is to get our spiritual ABC's before we go off to 'college'. Just a little fun thing. NEW TESTAMENT STUDY Synoptic Gospels Matthe Mark Elementary School Luke John General Epistles...
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    Friendship and Fellowship

    I have friends AND relatives who are in all stages of life, believers, unbelievers, babes in Christ, apostates and even a heretic or two. But one thing I know, that friendships are not the same as fellowship. I will pray with those I can fellowship with, those in the 'friend' category, I do...
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    Book of Daniel, the key to eschatology

    Daniel Prophecy Chapter 9 3rd vision in the 1st year of the reign of Darius, king of the Chaldeans 538 BC 2. Daniel gets information from the writing of Jeremiah: The number of years (70) for the completion of the desolation of Jerusalem (the Babylon captivity/Jeremiah 25...
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    OLD AOL chat room people, where are they today?

    I was addicted to my AOL Christian chat room, one chat I saw some argument over a thing called TULIP. I asked what is TULIP? He answered me in a personal IM, explaining each letter. I could not disagee with any of them so I guess that is when I started down the road the truth of...
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    Calvinist Kitchen...stirring the pot

    Here is what I believe, and am totally unshakable in these truths Doctrines of Grace or TULIP T - total depravity of man U - Unconditional election of the saints L - Limited atonement I - Irresistable Grace P - preservation of the saints (once saved always saved. the 5 Solas sola...
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    Basic bible study -

    Reading the the bible and studying the bible are two different things. We read for pleasure, we study for knowledge. Every student of the bible should have a 1. Translation of the Bible (not a paraphrase version) 2. Strong's...