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  1. Ferrau

    Major fires in my area.

    Somebody took this in a plane over Victoria. One fire has been controlled but several others are only growing due to the wind right now. Another town has been deemed too late to evacuate and people who have chosen to stay may be in a lot of trouble.
  2. Ferrau

    Major fires in my area.

    Hi everyone, requesting your prayers for the people in Rural Victoria. There have been several growing bushfires in our area and several towns are in severe danger at the moment. One town is in lockdown, several have been evacuated and many others (including the town I'm in) are on high alert...
  3. Ferrau

    Learnt a valuable lesson about exercise this week.

    Hi everyone, hope all is well. Fitness and sports are something I have only really had introduced to me these last two years and unfortunately my stubborn attitude cost me this week. I thought I might share to make me feel a little better, and hopefully to stop anyone making the same silly...
  4. Ferrau

    Medication Advice.

    Hi all, I was hoping to seek opinions regarding a sort of issue I'm having at the moment. I don't want to go into too much detail, but I was diagnosed with a severe learning disorder about a year ago. I was then put on medication for it over the next while. I noticed improvements in the areas I...
  5. Ferrau

    Aussie Christian looking to make some new friends!

    Hey there everyone, pleasure to meet you! My name is Steve, I'm 22, and made the great choice to accept God into my life when I was 14. It has of course been a bumpy road, I have strayed again and again and made my own mistakes, learnt lessons etc. Recently I have been finding my faith again...