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  1. preston39

    Baptist and Baptism

    As a child I attended a ......southern baptist member church ......and baptism was a routine part of the service. I quit that church when I went into the army in 1958. I have recently been made aware that the Baptist denomination has re-interpreted the Bible to say that baptism is not necessary...
  2. preston39


    "A minister of the Church of England has scolded a former bishop who dismissed Jesus as no more than a “spiritual and prophetic genius” and called the New Testament an “untidy bundle of writings.”......... Read more at...
  3. preston39

    New bibles since 1960

    It is ironic that most new bible interpretations and publications have been since 1960. Do we know why?
  4. preston39

    Retire the Ten Commandments?

    WASHINGTON – A mega-pastor of one of the largest “evangelical” churches in the U.S. is attacking the Old Testament again, this time insisting Jesus rendered the Ten Commandments null and void, issuing one new law “as a replacement for everything.” Andy Stanley, pastor of the 34,000-member North...