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  1. Docofmercy

    Please forgive ignorance

    Yeah I am in agreement that we are all sinners and it's not beneficial to single out the Jews for the severity of their disobedience but my question is how did God choose to make the Hebrews Holy...
  2. Docofmercy

    Please forgive ignorance

    You have a legitimate argument of our broken human nature. It is also right on point about the principles of morality.
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    If they are crying out for attention then something is wrong weather they have legitimate plans to hurt themselves or not. May God have mercy on our souls for our lack of empathy.
  4. Docofmercy

    Please forgive ignorance

    A. Yes You are correct if we look I clearly stated that Sarah was Abraham's sister in my post. I was unaware that although the word of God is perfect it is technical as well. B. You are also correct that Israel did serve time and we could pontificate that a form of discipline but that does not...
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    Sad to see that you are having thoughts of hurting yourself. I have had visions of dying but God has shown me Mercy and protected me from wanting to hurt myself or anyone else. My life has been a a severe storm since last year but I want to keep still waiting for hope.
  6. Docofmercy

    Please forgive ignorance

    To whom it may concern, I am confused about the theological teachings of Christ. Jesus said if someone wants something from us along the lines of... "to give them our cloak and sandals". To my understanding he is also quoted in red letters "turn the other cheek". Okay my issue is that...
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    Not I am not part of any #movement but me too on voting for Trump. Things need to change within our corrupt government of this country and even though I am pretty sure Trump is distracting the nation from his hidden objective it may bring a civil break from the same Ole same Ole within the USA.
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    Are you saying that there was another American president in history who paid Iran money for their terrorizing behavior ?
  9. Docofmercy

    Not By Works

    Trees are meant to bear fruit
  10. Docofmercy

    Kinda depressed I guess?

    Higher education can be a good thing so congrats.
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    How many years did Muhammad come after the one True Christ
  12. Docofmercy

    Prayer and grieving

    Wow that is a stark contrast of belief systems. I was exposed to Baptist denomination doctrines so to speak myself when I was younger but I have only recently learned about Catholicism which seems to be more of a religious system for theological rules. The hell fire and brimstone fear of sin can...
  13. Docofmercy

    Prayer and grieving

    Sad to see that some of your family do not support the spiritual pilgrimage that you are on. I can totally understand where you are coming from. It can be a painful situation when you love people that do not treat you the same because they do not understand how a life of faith can be a personal...
  14. Docofmercy

    If noticed I’m started to drink to much

    I have had the same issue in the past but found that if I stay away from the first drink that I am able to seek the Lord's will.
  15. Docofmercy

    Prayer and grieving

    May the Lord give his supreme comfort and rest. Thank you for sharing the heart of how God blessed you with a special and kind mother. We are here for you! It feels like a part of our heart is torn out when someone close is no longer in our presence. I was in a minor car accident last year and...
  16. Docofmercy

    Prayer and grieving

    May the Lord comfort and secure your spirit. My mother is passing away now and it hurts. Also going through a separation that has not been easy as well. Reading the word has been my primary source of strength. Worshiping God with others is good but it seems like after service we all go to our...
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    Meds are typically tended to be a temporary solution to a biological or physiological chemical imbalance
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    My testimony - without God's help, no gospel tract can help you

    Who shall lay any thing to the charge of God's elect? It is God that justifieth. Who is he that condemneth? It is Christ that died, yea rather, that is risen again, who is even at the right hand of God, who also maketh intercession for us. Romans 8:33‭-‬34 KJV
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    Lite calorie diet

    Looking for suggestions for the source of light. The word of God says that darkness can not hide in light and that darkness can not overtake light.