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  1. BrotherMike

    Conservative Christians

    Spaghetti is my fav!
  2. BrotherMike

    What are you listening to?

    Nothing else matters but Jesus 🙏
  3. BrotherMike

    Apparently I can't get married

    You do what the Holy Spirit guides you to do. As far as I know, Catholics and born again Christians worship the same Jesus. Who’s to say what heart is a Christian or not, that’s Gods judgment not mine. There won’t be denominations in heaven, just Jesus and His chosen. I pray the peace that...
  4. BrotherMike

    I wish......

    I wish I had a gf to cuddle with and have a deep conversation about life
  5. BrotherMike

    Who would you nominate? (and why?)

    She is awesome, I concur!
  6. BrotherMike

    Last person to post wins!!!

    Boy, I haven’t seen this thread in a long time... and I win!
  7. BrotherMike

    Leg hair on women! What do you think?

    Mental disorder...
  8. BrotherMike

    If you would like to marry soon...….?

    Lol the given... what I’m doing is not thinking about it and worshipping Him while I wait. God knows when the right time is and I trust Him He is in control :)
  9. BrotherMike

    Do you sometimes just don’t feel like talking?

    I’m a strong introvert. I love people but I get exhausted quick when I’m social. I need quite a bit of alone time to recharge.
  10. BrotherMike

    Who would you nominate? (and why?)

    Eliminating world hunger, nice!
  11. BrotherMike

    Who wants to get married????

    Getting married is suppose to be an unselfish venture for both. It’s about making each other smile. It’s thinking about the other person first. It takes a lot of work and when things are not going so well it takes 10x more work lol
  12. BrotherMike

    To love is a duty

    To love is a commandment from God.
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    If we did not have change, we would not grow. God allows change (free will) to mold and shape us. The only way we know it's His will is if we seek and follow Him.
  14. BrotherMike

    Hello, what’s your favorite place to be?

    I wouldn’t mind finding someone to play video games with too, but not very constant just something fun to do together at times. :)
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  16. BrotherMike

    Hello, what’s your favorite place to be?

    I’m a homebody but love to go on nature walks or hikes. Mini golf or bowling or a movie or the beach or whatever! If the company is great, whatever we decide to do will be great! I like to balance a little bit of everything
  17. BrotherMike

    Ideal Friday Night

    My ideal Friday night at this time would be to hang out with a sweetheart who has great chemistry with me. Just to go mini golf or bowling or a hike...
  18. BrotherMike

    Being single: A lot better than some people make it out to be?

    Yup and MBTI... its very important to learn each other’s personality and love languages to know how to be the best sweetheart you can be!
  19. BrotherMike

    Being single: A lot better than some people make it out to be?

    Physical touch is my second love language and there are times I just want this!!! Lol sigh