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    The quiet desperation of dying alone on the streets of a small town in America over two days

    To make a long story short, I ended up homeless and penniless and without a car after poor planning, and losing my car on the way to rescue a crime victim. Due to health issues, I was not able to walk more than a few blocks, and wandered around town during the day looking for a phone and a...
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    Progressive Philadelphia DA, Larry Krasner, And "Rogue" Associates Inspiring Revolutionary Justice Reform In America

    Philly DA, Larry Krasner quoted as saying today in; "Philadelphia district attorney exonerates 9 people in 19 months." Including the crime of conspiracy which can carry a 20 year sentence, "I have high respect for the judiciary.". But also warned that policies and "people who were...
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    Reassuring signs, rain, brief mental image of helping beings, a helpful invitation to quiet prayer

    Some reassuring signs. We had some welcome rain here the other evening with thunder. And spiritually, I was helped. I was beginning to lapse in discipline, and go to a Hawaiian beach website to watch waves and other ocean scenery, which can be risky behavior considering the variety of...
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    Christians should be supportive of President Trump especially in America

    As Christians in America, we should be supportive of President Donald Trump, whether or not we agree with all of his administration's policies since he is the president of the United States of America. The Bible calls us to be respectful of civil authorities. President Trump worked hard to...
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    No worries- Asteroid "Apophis" will miss earth by a far distance of 30,577 kilometers in 2029

    NASA said the asteroid "Apophis" will miss the earth by a far distance of 30,577 kilometers. There are no known Asteroid threats to the earth. Asteroids pass closer than that every day of various sizes. I have not heard any Christian Church make any statements about any prophetic revelations...
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    President Trump's Statement About Russian's Interference In Election

    While I may not agree with all policies of USA President Trump's administration, I support his good rapport with Russian president Vladimir Putin, and his statement telling Russia not to intervene in the 2020 election was brilliant foreign policy that defused tensions about foreign influence in...
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    Repentance from judgmental accusations without evidence based on speculation including case of Natalie Wood

    People can change. I've been preoccupied for years with a judgmental attitude, hurling accusations without evidence based on speculation. This included a fixation on the Natalie Wood case. While I believe there was a reason for my interest in the case, Christian spiritual gifts are not meant...
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    Seeing Good Things In Other Religions Like Muslims Helps Build Friendships

    When we as Christians reach out to other religions with the love of Christ we can build friendships by seeing things we have in common and positive things in their religion as well as seeing ways our own faith can grow and reach out to all people. For instance, many Muslim women wear natural...
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    Human history and references in the Bible has shown grievous trespasses as well as perfect examples of Divine Mercy and love.

    There are horrifying examples in the Bible about trespasses against others, including rape and murder in all it's forms, including physically violating boundaries and property, emotionally, socially, spiritually, and assaulting others with words and actions that the Bible equates to violence...
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    Praying for peace and cooperation among people's of all races and cultures

    I am sorry for offending others knowingly or unknowingly through racism in all its forms and not being sensitive towards other races and cultures, and for verbal abuse of others. One of the challenges of this world is living peacefully with people of all races and those who may be different...
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    We as Christians can learn from other religions

    I am sorry for saying things about the beliefs of others carelessly without regard for what they hold sacred. There are always things people can learn from each other's beliefs and traditions without putting others down.
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    Public Apology For Comments About World Leaders

    I wish to apologise for making reckless private comments about world leaders. As a Christian, I should focus on the Gospel and not political issues.
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    Apocalyptic interpretations of world events such as the tidal wave/tsunami in Japan in 2011 were not my individual perogative to speak for the church

    Christians should use spiritual gifts carefully with humility, and not on individual perogative. Atomic energy and weapons of mass destruction are government business. The Bible says we can say the Apocalypse is near, but it is dangerous to say it is here, especially on individual...
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    We as Christians are supposed to focus on living and sharing God's word in community, and are not allowed to predict Revelation dates

    As Christians, we are not supposed to act individually due to the dangers of God's power The Authority of Jesus Name is a Christian perogative.
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    Being denied access to acute life-threatening cardiovascular emergency medical care and am in dangerous condition of possible Imminent death

    I have been trying to get emergency medical care for a deadly transitory heart condition having the potential for imminent death. For whatever reasons, including intermittent, I have been unable to get emergency care for a serious heartbeat condition, complicated by deliverance stress, Asking...
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    The Authority of the Name of Jesus

    The authority of the Name of Jesus should only be used by Christians in great humility in close relationship with the Lord guided and guarded by Christ and the Holy Spirit within the consensus of an experienced Church community fellowship. This is because of the danger of Christian power and...
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    An Original Song, "Lady of Camelot," symbolic of Christian royalty, with Bible teaching of Peter, and end times from Alaskan wilderness by

    An original live video and song from the Alaskan wilderness, with Bible warnings from the Apostle Peter about end times and the return of Jesus, approaching judgement day, and the final destruction of evil, and all who willingly and knowingly oppose Christ the Lord, the Divine Son of God. The...
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    Whale's Beaching in Alaska Appears to be Divine Warning of Environmental Emergency and End Times- Live Video From Shore

    This is a live video from the location by the sea in remote Alaska about what these rare beaching of Grey Whale's could mean- a live video report by Herald (HeraldtheNews)
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    Memorial Day and Military Exercises in the Northern Pacific--Northern Edge 2019; Secretary of State Seward Under President Lincoln in 1867 and Russia

    There are military exercises going on here inspiring some thoughts from the vast wilderness and oceans of the Northern Pacific Rim from Russia to Canada