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    Special needs adult placement question?

    If in school, visit special needs Teacher, Principle or Counselor.
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    Did Jesus Miss It? "The word translated "rested" in Genesis 2:2,3 is the Hebrew word sabat. The meaning of this word is to rest or to cease working, to put an end to or to stop. In other words, the meaning is that on the seventh "day," God did not work. Of course, God is...
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    Did Jesus Miss It?

    In the Hebrew it simply means God ceased on the initial creation. Hebrew is my first Language.
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    Practice English

    To handle the written part memorize parts of the Bible. Read good books by Scholars, not popular books. For the Oral part listen to Books on CD. Also, seek out goals of the tests by reading an English Grammar book by a Teacher.
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    Most likely, they developed a relationship in the real life.
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    Any Irish on the site?

    Scotch Irish here
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    Porno addiction

    There are other ways to relieve tension. Exercise.
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    Porno addiction

    When you see a hot lady, pray for her and her family to come to Christ or for them to become closer with him. Internet Porn leads to a physical dis-function you don't want to have. There is lots of research.
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    I'm too slow

    The Bible is now on CD, Play it while you play.
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    Scientology is a dangerous cultic religion

    L. Ron Hubbard — 'You don't get rich writing science fiction. If you want to get rich, you start a religion.' What you expect from a used car saleman?
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    Special needs adult placement question?

    Start by contacting a social worker. Ask your Doctor for guidance. Call your local The Senior Alliance - Area Agency on Aging They will help you with the paperwork and process.
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    Strange question: Family curse?

    Have you ever found items of witchcraft around her home?
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    Strange question: Family curse?

    A rumor is just a rumor useless. You sound like you having a normal life.
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    Are creeds, confessions, and theological language important?

    Creeds help define who is in the faith. The church by means of councils dealt with false teachers and false doctrines. They were compiled by those who well versed in the Bible.
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    Are visions real?

    John Owen said, “If private revelations agree with Scriptures, they are needless. And if they disagree, they are false.”
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    Are visions real?

    In 1977, Oral Roberts claimed that God had appeared to him and instructed him to build a medical center called the CITY OF FAITH. In 1980 he claimed that he had a “face to face” conversation with a 900-foot-tall Jesus who told him that he was going to solve the City of Faith’s financial...
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    Are visions real? The Predictions of the 1856 Vision Concerning...
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    Are visions real?

    Anabaptist Church Certain Anabaptists of the early 16th century believed that the Millennium would occur in 1533.[4] Another source reports: "When the prophecy failed, the Anabaptists became more zealous and claimed that two witnesses (Enoch and Elijah) had come in the form of Jan Matthys and...
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    Are visions real?

    Most visions are their overactive imagination use to control or impress others --- trying to claim an authority they do not rightly have. I have never seen any of the warnings about an upcoming disaster come true. The disaster they warned about never happened. Also, most are so mundane...
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    Water Baptism-What is in a Name?

    You are reading your opinion into the text. Besides, historical evidence has been given. Also, Jesus commands the baptism in the name of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Us Jewish People are well known for using short hand. The Baptisms were by the Authority of Jesus. John 5:43I am come in...