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  1. longtrekker

    On the Nature of Pall Bearers

    . My Mom has just passed and it occurs to me people like to plan their funerals and I’m a bit concerned as to who she may pick for pall bearers – actually just one. It’s a cousin (a ‘double’ cousin actually - thus very close…) who has harbored secret life long malice and ill will for me. I had...
  2. longtrekker

    100,000 member to CC!

    . . CC membership is at 99,998 as i speaks - should'nt the 100,000 member get a prize like stake knives - stainless steel ones anyways? This is a momentous moment - am i the only one who sees this?
  3. longtrekker

    Best free virus protection...?

    * * * Hi all My AVG free anti virus protection now wants to start charging me - anybody know or have luck with other free virus protection apps they can recommend? Thanks a heap