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    Antichrist is NOT a person!

    If you read the texts of scripture below, you will come to the correct conclusion that the 'antichrist' is not a person, but rather a "anti-Jesus" way of thinking or of religion...such as the gnostics referred to in Scripture...not by the Name of "gnostic" but by their beliefs. The Antichrist...
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    Opinions Pleaase

    If a person offends you and apologizes, but does not admit what they've done, are they really apologizing? If they ask for forgiveness, but will not admit the specific offense, can we even be sure that they really understand what it was that they did?? Are we not to hold them accountable? I...
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    Unrighteous Judgment - rick Joyner VERY GOOD!!

    Unrighteous Judgment - The Great Commission, Part 43Printer-friendly versionWeek 43, 2014 Rick Joyner This week we will briefly cover an issue that has many Christians in confusion and has been a major stumbling block to keep them from fulfilling the purpose of God in their lives. In...
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    What is your opinion of

    A man, fully able to work, divorced, has a son, but works only 2 nights a week so that he can receive Gov. subsidies. He gets food stamps, low housing, and other Welfare nice-ities. This man is fully able to work a full time job. IMO, this man is sinning. He is not providing for his family...
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    The NOAH movie

    This is the biggest dissappointment, the most messed-up rendition of scripture that has even met the silver screen!! ~Nowhere are the people that chastize Noah for his building of the arc; ~Noah and his family are almost hermetic in their existance of solitude; ~Noah never prays, but rather...
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    Need site help

    I could not find another place to put this so I hope those that monitor the site see it. For whatever reason, the 'remember me' box at the login part does not work it the site never remembers me and I have to login every time I go to the site...several times a day. Thanks, Maggie
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    The characteristics of a Biblical Apostle

    Here are a few links that can help us all identify an apostle....a Biblical opposed to any 'wanna be's': I'm posting this because there are far too many that call themselves "apostle" and they have not/do not fulfill the Biblical mandates of 'apostle'. It is a title that is EARNED...
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    David Slew Goliath

    Why did David use a stone and a slingshot?
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    A Spiritual Analogy to the Armor of God

    DoYou Have Holes In Your Soles? A Spiritual Analogy to the Armor of God Copyright 2008 stChristians are familiar with Ephesians6:13-17"Therefore, take up the fullarmor of God, so that youwill be able to resist in the evil day, and having done everything,to stand firm. 14Stand firm...
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    We are Kings and Priests in Christ. Right?

    Kings have territory. So...~?
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    Saved "All my life" Is NOT a possibiliy nor Biblical

    Over the years, here at Christian Chat, I have read the Bio's of various members. On the entry where it asks "When Saved" many people put in "All my life", or "when I was a baby". According to the Bible this is simply not true!! Another way to ask the same question would be to say "When did...
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    The Principle of Discplacement

    Francis Frangipane:The War Over Reality The Principle of Displacement "Then war broke out in Heaven; Michael and his angels went forth to battle with the dragon, and the dragon and his angels fought. But they were defeated, and there was no room found for them in Heaven any longer" (Revelation...
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    Momy01 BEWARE!!

    This is to let everyone know that "Momy01" contacted me from within the group and I gave her my hotmail email address. She sent me a long letter and a (supposed) pic of herself and said her real name was "Mercy Mabu" from the Ivory Coast of Africa. She evidently need help in utilizing...
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    What is your take on the Nephilim?

    Are they still here? Are they coming back? Did they ever leave? What do you think their role is in the End times? just to get some conversation going~~ Maggie
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    10 Ways You Can Step Into All That God Has For You

    10 Ways You Can Step Into All that God Has for You By Malina Zlatkova We can enter the next year filled with new direction and hope. Here are some ways that you can step into all that God has for you. 1. Forgiveness – this is the way to the Lord's heart. This is one of the most incredible...
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    Ask God for His Kingdom to Manifest

    Francis Frangipane: Where You See Injustice - Ask God for His Kingdom to Manifest by Francis Frangipane Dec 17, 2011 We live in unparalleled times. Not since the first century have more Scriptures been fulfilled in a single generation. Each unfolding Word brings down another mountain; it lifts...
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    Another Look at Women in Ministry by Sam O Donnell

    Abstract: The issue of women in ministry has been a topic of intense debate for many years. While the Apostle Paul gives clear instruction to Timothy on this issue, the historical context indicates Paul’s instructions to be specific for the particular church in Ephesus. ******* When we look...
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    The New Apostolic Reformation THE TRUTH

    A MESSAGE FROM PETER ** November 21, 2011 THE NEW APOSTOLIC REFORMATION What Are Its Beliefs? 11-20-11 C. Peter Wagner Over the past few months, I have been gratified that, after 18 years of having recognized this notable movement of God, the media are now analyzing and...
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    What are you?

    Ammillinnial Premillinnial Dispensational Post-Millinnial If someone knows how to make this into a 'poll', please do.
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    Question about Reps

    Why do some people have Disabled Reps? What does that mean?