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  1. JaumeJ

    Does entering into Jesus' rest mean we're to give up the Sabbath day? Is the 4th commandment part of the moral law of God?

    Beggars! Have you seen them working They earn enough, usually, to take off a day. As for doctors and nurses, did not Jesus say it is just fine to do good works anytime_ Your post seems to seek a dispute where there should not be one. God bless you with His understanding and not the logic...
  2. JaumeJ

    Did God change from the Old Testament to the New Testament?

    We are of the faith of Abraham, all. It is important to know Jesus teaches this.
  3. JaumeJ

    In whom we can rely...

    Thank you for all of this good Word with understanding. All blessings in Yeshua..j
  4. JaumeJ

    Do you walk past a homeless person and how would a Good Samaritan act living in this age?

    My understanding is this particular teaching is for thowe within the assembly of the Body of Christ. As for outsiders, well, we should do all we are given to be able to win them to the Body of Christ...….there is a limit , I have learned this from experience.
  5. JaumeJ

    Sculpture made in honor of ALL UNBORN children

    It is very rare that a father to child out of wedlock demands to have the child. I cannot condemn anyone for an abortion although I am completely against the practice.. When all men own up to what they do, then I may consider being one of those antiabortion zealots, until then, leave the woman...
  6. JaumeJ

    Do you walk past a homeless person and how would a Good Samaritan act living in this age?

    Again, we should always judge with right judgment, not simply by sight. I know of a person who started a business, and although he had just started it investing and all the trimmings, he closed dit and stopped to go to college. Why_ He would have been required to deal with the maffia in...
  7. JaumeJ

    The third Temple?

    When a person truly belies God, he or she will seek His Wisdom, His understanding, and His knowledge.. All of the same of this age are deceitful, temporal, andmost times a lie.
  8. JaumeJ

    Do you walk past a homeless person and how would a Good Samaritan act living in this age?

    Be careful of not understanding motivations.
  9. JaumeJ

    Who is the Angel Michael?

    Joshua, or Yehosua, is the Nazar...…………...the Branch. The entire chapter 3 of Zechariah is the Faddther and the Son having a conversation about what the Son is commissioned to do upon His first advent to this earth. Being of Nazareth He was not only a Nazarite but a Nazar, that is Hebrew for...
  10. JaumeJ

    I had a crazy dream on 10/8/19

    Your dream is in the same area mine was the night I prayed with a broken heart to Whoever isin Charge. I fell into a very deep sleep and dreamed a dream with a message much like the one in your dream. The first part, the cat food may be your faith, and spilling it, you thought you may have...
  11. JaumeJ

    Who is the Angel Michael?

    Joshua is Jesus.
  12. JaumeJ

    Is Jesus God the Father, in human form? Or is He something/someone else?

    Your question is answred completely and in plain words in Isaiah 9:6...…...allow me to past it here from the KJV...….it says the same in other translations and in the original tongue. Isa 9:6 For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder...
  13. JaumeJ

    How many died with Jesus on the cross outside Jerusalem on that day?

    A lot to think and meditate on. Wonderful post and message.
  14. JaumeJ

    In Their Hearts Humans Plant Their Course ( Proverbs:16 )

    When we dturn to our Father in spirit and dtruth we know His will is the only perfection we could possibly ever come to know. Thus we pray to do His will and works by His grace in order to be more like Jesus and please our Eternal Father (Isaiah 9:6) as bst given each of us. I know when man...
  15. JaumeJ

    Who is the Angel Michael?

    Read about when the disciple came tothe others on the boat declaring he had seen Jesus, Yeshua, walking on the water. One of the others replied it could not be He but His Angel, and in some translations His Spirit, and others His Ghost…………….………. I do not bow to nor worship Michael but I do bow...
  16. JaumeJ

    Who is the Angel Michael?

    Is God not the Holy Spirit? Is not God Jesus, Yeshua? Is He not the Father. Is He not our King? Our Savior? Our Spouse………...and so much more, according to Scripture. When Sampson's mother was told she would bear a male child destined to be a Nazar, , It was an Angel, the Angel of the Lord...
  17. JaumeJ

    Who is the Angel Michael?

    I have provided aabove an example of the High Priest, Joshua (another version of the name, Yeshua), not rebuking Satan, rather saying, Yahweh rebuke the Satan. Translated, ""The Lord rebuke thee Satan.." I have never thought nor advised any to woship any of the thre archangels. I have...
  18. JaumeJ

    Who is the Angel Michael?

    Read here below of how the word, Lord, is used regarding rebuking Satan. From Zacheriah: Zec 3:2 And the LORD said unto Satan, The LORD rebuke thee, O Satan; even the LORD that hath chosen Jerusalem rebuke thee: is not this a brand plucked out of the fire? This is from a pre-advent...
  19. JaumeJ

    Is unconditional election biblical?

    Good morning from here..or should dI say Buenos días desde aquí? No offense taken, although I never make typo's or spelling errors….lol
  20. JaumeJ

    Who is the Angel Michael?

    Reading varied versions of the Word...…….. See how the word, angel is used throughout the Word. I have not concluded danything but I certainly have determined from what little understanding I have of words, etymologies and word usage. I have not concluded the three Angels re God but I have...