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  1. J

    Im bi. Is that a bad?

    Hi everyone, I'm a 21 year old male and am bisexual. I'm not sure if its bad to be both sexually attracted men and women. Can anyone please help?
  2. J

    Feeling depressed :(

    Hi everyone, Since starting university 2 years ago I have made loads of friends and am having a great time there. But when I go home I have lost contact with all of my school friends. I have tried to keep in contact with them but they just don't seem to want to keep in contact with me. I now...
  3. J

    Wearing my mum's clothes

    Recently I have been trying on my mum and sister clothes when no one is at home. Is it a sin? Does this mean I am gay?
  4. J

    Lost faith

    Over the last 6 months to a year I have been losing my faith in God. I still believe in christian values and morals but I don't read the bible anymore and very rarely go to church . However recently I have wanted to regain my faith in God but I am struggling to find a way back. Can anyone help me?
  5. J

    A prayer for my travels

    I am going to Perth, Australia tomorrow for about 3 months. I would like a prayer for my travels. I am going alone and never been on such a long journey before. I am scared and getting stressed out about leaving my family and friends. I hope that God will protect and guide me.
  6. J

    What to do in Perth?

    I am going to be in Perth, Australia for a few months and Wednesday. I have never been there and I was just wondering has anyone been there before? What is there to do? Are there many churches that I could go to?
  7. J

    Hi everyone!

    Hi everyone! I am Jonny, 19 and from the UK. I love God and pray and talk to him every day. I have been on some missions work in Africa but would love to travel all over the world spreading the word of God. I am going to university in September to study engineering. I am saving my virginity...