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  1. chickwithsticks

    Let's make Singles forum random again !

    That feeling when you take a month prepping a huge annual family event (thanksgiving/family reunion), start baking 3 weeks out, take a week off to start cooking for event and spend an incredible 5 days with family and SWOOSH it's over...:( Not my kitchen but mine looks similar...
  2. chickwithsticks

    High Protein Bars or Energy Bars

    I am trying to incorporate healthier options for snacks and was hoping some of you had homemade recipes for protein balls/bars or energy bars? Please note: any additional healthy snack recipes are welcome!
  3. chickwithsticks

    Weekend Plans (or your next-day-off plans)

    Parents finally moved down here to my neck of the woods in their retirement. We are very close so I am super stoked. They rolled in atv12:30am yesterday with the truck so this weekend I will be helping them unpack and continuing to work on baby blanket for my nieces baby. I want /need it done...
  4. chickwithsticks

    "Guilty pleasures" you can easily enjoy when you are single

    Having full access to the walk in closet for your clothes and *echem* other fibery objects... Using the kitchen table for blocking latest project for 3 days because you can eat standing by sink Coming home with goodies and spreading them out on bed to admire your latest find without any...
  5. chickwithsticks

    Sound of Music - My Favorite Things

    A national broadway touring company performed The Sound of Music in my current "home town" and today I was fortunate to see it. was incredible!! The musical number "My Favorite Things" was always my favorite. Driving home I had started thinking about what some of my favorite things...
  6. chickwithsticks

    Streams of Consciousness & Thoughts~~~

    Lately I feel my teams branding should be...
  7. chickwithsticks

    Streams of Consciousness & Thoughts~~~

    This one will do nicely!
  8. chickwithsticks

    Streams of Consciousness & Thoughts~~~

    Pavers laid but now working on digging up sod under each so they are partially submerged and level. That is massively timeconsuming. But Im getting the look I want.
  9. chickwithsticks

    Food Pics!

    Manicotti....mmm. My secret...nutmeg in the ricotta
  10. chickwithsticks

    Streams of Consciousness & Thoughts~~~

    Today was one of these days lol polacks are so wise !
  11. chickwithsticks

    Streams of Consciousness & Thoughts~~~

    Kim may this make you smile
  12. chickwithsticks

    Streams of Consciousness & Thoughts~~~

    I love tea! Im currently trying to learn the difference between cast iron infuser pot and ceramic
  13. chickwithsticks

    New Years Eve Resolutions

    For the first time in many years I have been giving serious thought to New Years Resolutions. I read that the practice of NYE resolutions dates back to over 3000 years ago to Ancient Babylonians. Not sure how to vet that information but it was interesting. I have one goal for 2016...
  14. chickwithsticks

    The "What did you just buy?" thread

    I purchased these 2 treasures from Goodwill for a dirty santa / white elephant gift exchange party as I was assigned to bring a male gift. Everyone jealous? Lol!
  15. chickwithsticks

    Streams of Consciousness & Thoughts~~~

    Exhausted from hosting Thanksgiving and trying to learn a new role at work but the infamous apple pie was awesome this year!
  16. chickwithsticks

    Food Pics!

    Should I have plated it for the pic? Work was difficult and son is working tonight so dinner was Triscuits and extra sharp cheddar slices. So sad....this is when one of those BFs would have come in handy.
  17. chickwithsticks

    Share Your Style :)

    Dang It timed out ...should have attached this to my post
  18. chickwithsticks

    A dog's life

    Fantastic Thread Lynx! Everyone..your dogs are adorable...still waiting on a pic of Lynx's. I will ill provide an update on Rugers training but again I sincerely appreciate everyone's input and Gypsygirl graciously offered to provide additional information to kick start my program...
  19. chickwithsticks

    Streams of Consciousness & Thoughts~~~

    The little imp in question ...Ruger is on the right next to my nephews german shepard. How adorable is that face!!!