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  1. Mariah97

    Sorta New

    When I was new, I forgot to say I was new, so hey everyone! lol.
  2. Mariah97

    Afraid to read The Bible and Anxiety

    I have newly been saved and I accept Jesus as my Savior. I repented my sins and got over addiction, but I often times get afraid to read the bible and I'm not sure why. I read Intouch daily devotionals (which I know isn't enough). Some times when I'm watching regular tv programs I get anxious...
  3. Mariah97

    I Have Been Saved!!!!

    I'm happy! I feel free of internal pain, addiction, all of it. I know I'm a work in progress but I'm God's work in progress. I know I have a long way to go but I accept Jesus as my savior and will pursue the wisdom of God. I prayed for healthy fear of God and I got it! I pray away my anxiety...