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  1. chickwithsticks

    High Protein Bars or Energy Bars

    I am trying to incorporate healthier options for snacks and was hoping some of you had homemade recipes for protein balls/bars or energy bars? Please note: any additional healthy snack recipes are welcome!
  2. chickwithsticks

    Sound of Music - My Favorite Things

    A national broadway touring company performed The Sound of Music in my current "home town" and today I was fortunate to see it. was incredible!! The musical number "My Favorite Things" was always my favorite. Driving home I had started thinking about what some of my favorite things...
  3. chickwithsticks

    New Years Eve Resolutions

    For the first time in many years I have been giving serious thought to New Years Resolutions. I read that the practice of NYE resolutions dates back to over 3000 years ago to Ancient Babylonians. Not sure how to vet that information but it was interesting. I have one goal for 2016...
  4. chickwithsticks

    Fat Sick and Nearly Dead - Joe Cross Fans

    Anyone here watch the Fat Sick and Nearly Dead documentary from Joe Cross and Juice? I followed his juicing recommendations last year for 8 weeks and really felt a difference. Looking to start another 4-6 week program and thought I would check to see if anyone else has tried it or Juice...
  5. chickwithsticks

    Quick fun question/poll for all please

    I have been struggling with this question for years and as it happened again today I thought I would ask the group as I don't want to be someone that makes someone uncomfortable. I think I am quite funny but I figured maybe some of you would care to weigh in. I am am one of those generally...
  6. chickwithsticks

    Most recent study/sermon that resulted in you understanding scripture in new way?

    This is my first attempt at a new thread but I would love to hear about anyone's experience with either hearing a service at their church, or participation in a bible study, discussion with a friend or private study that resulted in them viewing or understanding scripture in a new way. Our...
  7. chickwithsticks


    Hi Im new to the site and have poked around a bit. Have enjoyed reading a few threads so thought I would officially announce Im lurking. :-)