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  1. Susanna

    My CC Encounters

    After having spent almost seven years in the CC trenches I have to say that it is interesting to observe how people are treating each other here. I’m no Saint myself, let that be clear. However, regardless of everything, in my years here I have more often than in active duty been called...
  2. Susanna

    Herman Bell granted Parole

    This man gunned down two New York City police officers in he's set to walk free. Well, if that aint depreciating the severity of his crime, like the past parole board rejections of his earlier bids has argued, nothing ever will... Good riddance:(.
  3. Susanna

    The Lone Star Thread

    Okay, this is how this works: To post in this thread you have to be from the Lone Star State. If you're not, your posts will be frown upon. The OP is the boss of this thread, and everything the OP says is correct. Y'all are wrong all the time:p. Let's see if power corrupts:p. LOL
  4. Susanna

    Please say a prayer for me

    Please, I need someone praying for me. I'm not feeling too well and really would appreciate prayers.
  5. Susanna

    Stupid Girl

    Sometimes I'm a bit suspicious of my intelligence and level of comprehension in general. Do any of you say things incorrectly at times? Me, I'm not able to say "can of worms" correctly. It comes out "worm of cans" every time. LOL. Even now I'm not sure which one is correct LOL. People are so...
  6. Susanna

    Just wanted to say good bye

    To all the wonderful people at cc. To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven... A time to sign up, and a time to sign out. My time at cc has now come to an end. It has been five years with ups and downs. I've net nice people, but also encountered bullies...
  7. Susanna

    What is something you don't regret?

    Okay, let's all be mitigating our former decisions of any kind or lack I'm simply asking: What do you not regret?
  8. Susanna

    What is Courage?

    Everyone has to face situations where some sort of corageous conduct has to be displayed. These situations can differ somewhat from person to person, but bottom line you have to stand up and fight for yourself or someone you love or your country. It could be a simple thing like making...
  9. Susanna

    The BDF outcasts

    Have you people noticed that there is a certain pecking order in the BDF forum? And that the people on the bottom end of that pecking order are forced to find other forums to spread their...ah...doctrines? Inevitably they wind up here, there and everywhere...
  10. Susanna

    Say it isn't so...and vice versa

    Okay, y'all can read and the thread title is a hint. Tell us two things about yourself, of which one thing is the truth and nothing but the truth and one thing that is a lie. And do a good job on disguising what is truth and what is not:p.
  11. Susanna

    Countries and Languages

    Now I've been reading so much on here, and the only people I see on here are Americans, Canadians, Australians, NZ Kiwis, Brits, one Norwegian, one Russian and one person from Singapore... I'm learning Swedish.. WHERE ARE ALL YOU SWEDES??? LOL
  12. Susanna

    Red Onion

    Just watched a programme about the super max prison "Red Onion" in Virginia. Just one entire Seg Unit. Must be a challenge working with those inmates. On your toes all the time...would have made me gone crazy during day one. I prefer being outdoors.
  13. Susanna


    Today a police officer was shot to death in the line of duty. Miosotis Familia paid the ultimate price for figthing crime. Thank you.
  14. Susanna

    Americans Only?

    I've been flipping through quite a few threads, and almost every thread is dominated by Americans. A few Brits and Canadians, yeah, but overall mainly Americans. Where is the rest of the world?
  15. Susanna

    Breaking News: James Comey Fired

    Trump has fired the FBI boss. No big surprise there, but this will doubtlessly be held against him by the Democrats.
  16. Susanna

    Handsome Wonderful Amazing Delicious Funny Sweet Man...

    ...jobless in Alabama:cool: Well, well, well...who told his wife on him? lol
  17. Susanna


    It's smack in the middle of the night, and I can't sleep. I'm having my last day at work for several months tomorrow, before we're sailing out, and will not be back for months. Everything is so strange, it's like I'm giving up on everything. But I'm really looking forward to it. I love the sea...
  18. Susanna


    Finally a top dog lady not trying to act like a man. Don't let the haters get under your skin, Kellyanne. Laissez les bon temps roulez!
  19. Susanna

    Green beret Shawn Thomas

    I can't upload the video where Shawn Thomas' wife is meeting his coffin at Raleigh-Durham International Airport, but nevertheless, thanks for your service. I feel you, Mrs. Thomas.
  20. Susanna

    Prayer request

    Sorry for being so blunt, but I'd like someone to say a prayer for me. I really need it.