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  1. Auknownperson

    Hello people, I'm back

    Hey guys, I'm back, for those who don't know, my name is Auknownperson, or auk for short, and I was a member here since October 2018, for the reason I Left... Well, I'm not ready to talk about it yet, and I noticed some changes here, so.... What happened? Sorry, i was just... Worried, but...
  2. Auknownperson

    hey... Guys... Am I the youngest?

    Hey guys... Made this forum to know if you guys know cc members younger than me... cause if not... Am i the youngest?
  3. Auknownperson

    how do I help the unbelievers?

    how do I help the unbelievers who are suffering... They don't know that God is real and... I wanna show them that he is... But how? How do I become an instrument of God and help the unbelievers? Letting them know that God is there to solve their problems
  4. Auknownperson

    Hello po

    Kamusta po mga kapatid.... Ayos lang ba kayo sa buhay niyo?
  5. Auknownperson

    Guys... Can i get a prayer?

    I feel selfish doing this actually... I think, but my dad couldn't work in his job anymore cause of stress and... I'm kinda worried for him... And... I just pray to the LORD that... It'll be all OK... And can I also get a prayer... For help... Cause... I wanna be a follower... A hardcore...
  6. Auknownperson

    Hey guys, the problematic kid is back

    I'm getting worried, I'm not sure if I'm gonna be a real Christian, or if I'm picked by God, because I wanna be willing to love him, to serve him... But it gets me, the "fun" of this world, I lazy out to know God, it's like my will is not godly, it's like a pharisee, I pray to him that I get...
  7. Auknownperson

    Guys what do I do?

    I'm struggling lately, I have been having this fear of God rejecting me... Because lately, I've been growing weary in my faith, I have no idea and I don't understand of how the holy spirit works, I insulted him without feeling sorrow, I haven't been following his commandments and I don't...
  8. Auknownperson

    What should I do?

    I'm struggling because of my heart, I'm struggling to love God cause I can't, I'm struggling to serve and worship him but I can't, I'm struggling to fight this hypocrisy but I can't, this evil, it's here, I want a genuine relationship with Christ and with other people, but I can't, I wanna take...
  9. Auknownperson

    How did you guys start becoming Christians?

    I'm curious, how did you guys found Jesus? For me I started following him at the age of 11 or 12, mostly because of fear. But I changed it so yeah
  10. Auknownperson

    I can't or use the christian chat app

    i downloaded the app on my phone, but when i try to sign in, it said "no internet connection" even though i am connected to the internet. So I tried to downloaded it pc, but it's not downloading. How can i fix this?
  11. Auknownperson


    Hi guys, I'm not much...i think, and I'm actually still young, 13, and I just wanna meet some Christians like me cause... It was always me and God so yeah, thanks for stopping bye