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    I met A single mom on Tinder who just started going to a Born Again church for 4 months.

    What can I say Venn. You sound like a good guy. A really good guy. You sound caring and thoughtful, but you also sound like a guy that seems to bring some kind of fault back to your own yourself. Like you take the blame for her acting all squirrely . Or it's your fault for her feeling...
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    No place like home?

    I ran away from home once. I was seven and felt as though my father and I were at an impasse. My plans included making a little coin, so I had that to consider, but once settled I intended to join the French Foreign Legion. My sister and I shared a room at the time and there was a picture...
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    Would The Story of Your Life Be a Best-Seller?

    So chapters 1 thru 98 are the lists and the preface is your life?
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    Red Flags in the church

    BrotherMike - I believe guilt is a kind of two edged sword; the spiritual edge paid by blood and the physical edge paid by consequence. And since I"m a current occupant of both "edges" by faith and by body, it'd probably be wise to recognize both payments. A favorite line from the movie...
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    Red Flags in the church

    Well of course I'm guilty, I'm Catholic after all, but moreover I believe if you are in a church and not convicted by your sin, then you're in a house of devils. If your Pastor preaches politics from the pulpit then you need get away from there. If your salvation is measured by the value of...
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    HOLDAYS ARE PAGAN!!! thread

    Nope, its pagan. It's tribute to the god of the sun RA - the beginning of the "new" sun or the lowest ebb of the sun's "appearance". Roman's thought that day began on Dec. 25. Of course, it's been recalculated as the winter solstice on the 21 o 22nd. Matter of fact, the celebration was so...
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    How we met

    State Road 16 west is a hard drive. Curvy and long the two lanes make slowpokes impossible to pass and just when the road straightens a bit, there's a line of logging trucks coming in the other direction. To be honest though, I had never really decided whether it was the road or the...
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    HOLDAYS ARE PAGAN!!! thread

    Halloween is definitely pagan, but the only time I worship the devil is on my sister's birthday.
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    Like Terms

    and more.... Pipp - The Pied Pipper works the best, but doesn't quite fit. Pipp's more like one of the 12 Dancing Princesses from the Brother's Grim. A rebel and slightly mischievous, Pipp is wonderfully transgressive. There are forces in her life that innocently or not seek to shut her in...
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    Like Terms

    On rare occasion there are people who emit color. It can be wide as the spectrum of color is long and bright as Venus in the morning, and I can see it without even seeing the person! It can also be dark. I've seen black as the pit before. So, here are a couple of folks whose colors are...
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    This is one of those lists where it's clear the author kind of ran out of juice by #12 or so, then fell apart altogether by #24 - "Don't be afraid to associate with more attractive girls; they may have some leftovers" . I have to give credit where credit's due - the "L" for Leftover the poor...
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    I bet you've never....

    It's always kind of amazing to me what construction guys are enlisted to do. Like it's OK to ask them to do practically anything. I mean - do you think they'd ask a public accountant to do that? "are there any administrative assistants here that can help us stuff this fat guy into a body...
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    I bet you've never....

    Number One - this is a long story and unrelated but read on if you wish. I was involved with a mausoleum build - formed and poured the concrete roof, set all the marble, etc. and the builder asked me to do some finish work. He wanted me to stipple the ceiling which was quite high - like 24'...
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    I believe your son is sill in body but flying in spirit. Lord God of Israel, please comfort Neatne and her husband and give them peace. Guide her husband in wisdom and Neatne in mercy and release. Let her lay her anger at Your feet so that she can see Your Glory. Amen!
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    mom is admitted in hospital

    My Lord God who is and was and shall be forever, I pray for Levi's mom and Your power of healing. I pray for health and peace for levi's family. Amen.
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    Please pray for Cathy

    Thank you soooo much for your prayer Mr. Levi.
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    Requesting prayers

    He is the God of turning tables. God is with you now and forever Hillfarm.
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    Please pray for Cathy

    I would appreciate your prayers. Cathy is very important to me and she's quite sick with an unknown virus or infection or something else. Please pray for her healing. She's on her 5th or 6th day of high fevers. Thank you so much.
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    If Perchance Catholicism Is Mistaken

    It's a biblical commentary based on the catechism of the Catholic church.
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    people i am the real deal

    I had this friend, name was Damon, that was very much a spiritual mentor of mine. He's an older man and quite knowledgeable in scripture, someone I considered righteous, and humble and loving in his ways. Well, he once told me that he was driving home from work on the interstate and praying...