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  1. JosephsDreams

    Harvard is failing its students by allowing them to live in a fantasy world

    Harvard is failing its students by allowing them to live in a fantasy world May 18, 2019 | 9:34am | Updated By Kyle Smith There is a reason you don’t let inmates run your asylum, allow your toddler to eat candy for dinner or tell the Labrador retriever sitting behind the wheel of your car...
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    Parents who raise kids as vegans should be prosecuted: doctors

    Parents who raise kids as vegans should be prosecuted: doctors By Hannah Frishberg May 17, 2019 | 4:52pm Good thing the Duke and Duchess of Sussex don’t live in Belgium. Prince Harry and wife Meghan have been said to be considering raising baby Archie as a vegan, a diet Belgian doctors now say...
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    Parents lose custody of son after stopping chemo

    Parents lose custody of son after stopping chemo. A Florida couple has lost custody of their cancer-stricken 3-year-old son because they opted to treat him with marijuana-infused oil instead of chemotherapy, according to a report May 6, 2019 | 2:59pm | Updated By Jackie Salo Noah McAdams’...
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    Armed SWAT Team in Arizona Breaks Down Door of Family with Unvaccinated Child.

    Armed SWAT Team in Arizona Breaks Down Door of Family with Unvaccinated Child by Barbara Loe Fisher Published April 11, 2019 | Ethics, Bioethics Just after 1 a.m. the morning of Feb. 25, 2019, a SWAT team with guns drawn broke down the door of a suburban home in Chandler, Arizona where parents...
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    "...lead us not into temptation..." God would tempt us?

    I think I may understand what this means. That God protect us from temptation. Our Lord would not tempt us. Am I correct?
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    Poll. Are most of you content with your diet? If not...

    ...what would you change? If so, why? I dont know how to do that poll thingy, or I would. Something like not content at all Moderately content Very content. Etc. I am generally content with my diet. Maybe I could be consistent with not eating past around 6pm, but even then, I usually don't eat...
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    How many if you married your mom or dad?

    I know this is a singles thread, still many here, maybe the majority have been married. I married (my first marriage) my childhood crush, Elizabeth Montgomery from Bewitched. They could have been sisters.
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    With $21 Billion, Azim Premji among world’s top philanthropists. Giving. Good news!

    Azim Premji, India’s most generous billionaire, has announced a fresh bequest to his eponymous philanthropic initiative boosting his total commitment to Rs 1,45,000 crore ($21 billion), making it one of the five largest private endowments in the world and the biggest in Asia. This has cemented...
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    Inspiring Faith-Based Films Coming to Theaters in 2019. Good News!

    There are many methods and ministries being used to reach and touch people’s lives. In recent years the growing number of quality faith-based films have truly been lights in the darkness of thousands of movie theaters. People have wept, rejoiced, been encouraged, and many have had their lives...
  10. JosephsDreams

    Are Christian men and woman more likely to stay single longer then non Christians?

    I have no idea what the answer is, although I suspect Christians do stay single longer, whether never married before, or divorced. I wonder if that stat is even available. Maybe they are waiting on God, while non Christians are more pro active? Any comments, ideas, opinions on this?
  11. JosephsDreams

    Did mis-treatment of woman begin with Adam?

    Was he so annoyed, or angry, or whatever, with Eve, that it was he who set the pattern of unfair treatment of woman that has been the rule through the centuries? Or was it the men of that era, in general, who believed that since Eve sinned first that woman needed to be dominated?
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    Whats the line that separates mental illness...

    ..., chemistry and environmental issues from actual demonic influence?
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    Dating a physically unattractive person.

    I admit it, when I was young I would not go near a woman who was not pleasing to the eye. My first wife had movie star looks. That was part of what attracted me to her. That and the physically intimate stuff. This was before I became Christian. After she left, we eventually divorced and after...
  14. JosephsDreams

    Where is the USA government headed?

    Government shutdown a sign that Congress has truly given up By Post Editorial Board January 22, 2018 Both sides of the aisle in Congress are grumbling that President Trump isn’t jumping in to somehow settle the standoff that produced the government shutdown. But this is a chance for...
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    Do woman still want fairy tale weddings?

    I think many still harbor at least some element of that idea.
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    Trump made good on Campaign anti abortion promises.

    ​​Trump has delivered big for the pro-life movement By Marjorie Dannenfelser January 18, 2018 | 7:12pm As President Trump closes out his first year in office, it’s worth taking stock of the commitments he made as a candidate to protect life, the first among our rights as Americans and...
  17. JosephsDreams

    Parents (in liberal NE - of course) upset Ivanka Trump shows up at kids school.

    NY Post, today NORWALK, Conn. — Parents of students at a Connecticut high school say they were upset when Ivanka Trump made an unannounced visit. Some parents pulled their children from class on Monday, saying they were troubled they were not told in advance that President Donald Trump’s...
  18. JosephsDreams

    Obama, you BUM, I have been saying for long time you should be tried...

    ...for treason. That you are a saboteur. From the NY Post today. "What if a president used his power to interfere with a federal investigation involving foreign powers committing serious crimes in the United States as well as elsewhere? Such a thing would be considered a terrible scandal and...
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    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study find 90% eat junk.

    NYP - Nov. 17, 2017 Despite being endlessly prodded to eat their fruits and veggies, just 1 in 10 American adults get enough of them in their daily diet, according to a new study. Only 12 percent of Americans eat the minimum amount of fruit recommended — a cup and a half to two cups a day, the...
  20. JosephsDreams

    SLEEP. Why it is vitally important.

    Eat the right foods and not to much of them or to early or to late. Exercise. Pray. Get fresh air, be out in nature/beach, woods, park, etc. Follow God's commandments. And sleep well. Take your probiotics and systemic enzymes and Miror EPF. Do all these and 9 out of ten of you will probably live...