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    What age?

    What age should children sit through the main service at Church? Kind of looking for opinions.
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    Youth Group

    Please could you pray for the youth group I help lead. We are trying to bring some of our kids and spanish kids together. We are not sure the Spanish kids want to engage. Tonight we will be doing some get to know you activities. Also we are going to do a spiritual health check to kind of find...
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    Please pray for David's family

    Please can people pray for David's family and friends at this time. My husband was friends with this guy as he was part of an online Beckers Muscular Dystrophy group. It will have hit everyone hard within the group. David was a Christian so is now with the Lord, but it still is hard for those...
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    Happy New Year

    As we are fast approaching 2017, well some parts of the world are already there I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year, may it be a year where we all grow in our knowledge and love of the Lord.
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    Random Question

    I have a dark (black) stain on a decorative wooden bowl any suggestions on how to get the stain out. Thanks
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    New placement

    I would value your prayers as I am due to start a three week mental health placement. It is with acute adults in a secure (locked) ward. May it be an opportunity to remember what I have learnt in theory and put it into practise. Also that the Lord gives me compassion for these people as they are...
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    My Uncle

    Please pray for my Uncle. My 91 Uncle feel backwards down the stairs lastnight. No loss of conciousness however he vomited it and aspirated the vomit and so has pneumonia. Please pray for him, pray that he receives appropriate care. He has other co-morbidities so wouldn't be sent to ICU. Also...
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    Bad day

    We have gradually introduced our cat to the garden. Today she did what cats do and went into a neighbours garden. He tried to kill her. Set his dog on her goded it to get her. And when she managed to get on the fence tried to pull her down into his garden so the dog could get her. I managed to...
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    Exam tomorrow

    I would appreciate prayer as I have my final University exam for Biosciences and Pharmacology exam tomorrow (studying to become a Physician Associate, known as Physician Assistants in the States). Please pray I can recall what I have learnt many thanks.
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    Just finished any essay

    Just finished a reflective essay on two clinical cases for emergency medicine and critical care. Just relieved to have submitted. I really do not like reflecting it is totally not what I do but I need to be a reflective practioner if I am going to qualify as a Physician Associate (Physician...
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    Prayer for my son's school

    My son goes to an ordinary secular state school, with a very mixed demographic of different races and faith's, today they had an Easter assembly/service at the local Church which all the student's in my son's year (120) participated in and many parents attended. The service was overtly...
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    Uni Placement

    Please pray for my fellow student who will have to go on placement on her own tomorrow, we were on placement last week together. I am unwell and so can't go as I can't risk infecting aready ill patients. I feel like I am letting everyone down also don't want it to have a negative impact for her...
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    Husband in hospital for overnight breathing study.

    I would appreciate prayer as my Husband is going into hospital for an overnight breathing study on Monday. My husband has Beckers Muscular Dystrophy which can affect the respiratory muscle. If they deteriate it might mean he needs to have a heart transplant sooner than if it was just based on...
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    Prayer request for the coming year

    Just feel in need of some prayer support. Please could people pray that I can get all the things I need to do done. I have to get my MSc proposal by Friday and I am struggling, know what I want to write but I can't get it from brain to page. That I would manage to work harder on the course...
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    I am off to a funeral shortly. It is kind of tragic, it is the funeral of our next door neighbour, a single, 65 year old alcoholic who was estranged from his five brothers. Before things got out of hand the last couple of years and particularly the last six monthes, he was a nice enough guy. It...
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    Storm Barney UK

    Please pray for the UK as there is a storm going on in the UK. Winds are high, signs are coming down, trees are falling. Please pray that people will be sensible and stay where they are.
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    Our cat Moo

    We got Moo three weeks ago a three to four month old kitten. She was called as she has cow like spots she is white with tabby spots and very pink nose. Just wanted to share how lovely it was having her sleep on my lap today. This evening I ran a bath for our son and she got in and out before our...
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    Christian song and video that moved me.

    We had a sermon on the two greatest commandments. During the service we listened and watched. Tim Hughes "God of Justice"
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    Could do with a bit of prayer

    Lots of things are happening and we have had a really difficult week. Results from a pelvic ultrasound have come back showing a mass in my uterus, which might be a fibroid or something else. The person who did the ultrasound didn't refer me on so my GP has contacted a gynaecologist and it will...
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    Any suggestion for youth group

    This coming Sunday . I am leading our youth group our topic is Anarchy. We look at topics from a Christian perspective. Any suggestions. I was kind of thinking maybe looking at Noah, the society in his day did what they thought was right in their own eyes which is kind of what Anarchy is and...