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  1. Docofmercy

    Please forgive ignorance

    To whom it may concern, I am confused about the theological teachings of Christ. Jesus said if someone wants something from us along the lines of... "to give them our cloak and sandals". To my understanding he is also quoted in red letters "turn the other cheek". Okay my issue is that...
  2. Docofmercy

    Lite calorie diet

    Looking for suggestions for the source of light. The word of God says that darkness can not hide in light and that darkness can not overtake light.
  3. Docofmercy

    can we discuss the EMMAUS CODE

    Can anyone help me understand how the end of the church age will culminate with the rapture approximately 2000 years after Christs ascension if his disciples were looking forward to that era so to speak during their lifetime about 2000 years ago right after his literal resurrection?
  4. Docofmercy

    hey hey hey...

    "And this is the testimony. Anyone who is in christ is a new creation, the old has gone, the new has come."
  5. Docofmercy

    Seeking spiritual restoration

    To whom it may concern, My wife is divorcing me after she became psychologically compromised following the birth of our son when she went back on medication. God knows my heart and my desire to restore our marriage but my concern is more focused on her spiritual health in regards with faith...