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  1. TheWriter

    What Do You Want In Life?

    When people realize what they want in life, we think of one thing. This is to be successful. However, to really be successful in life is to really act how God acts towards every single person in which He Himself has created. To endure to the very end, the very end can come quickly. At times it...
  2. TheWriter

    My situation:

    I was at work and started getting dizzy. It lasted most of the shift this time. Soon as I started to move normally I started getting dizzy. I see the doctor for my heart again soon. Please also pray that my meeting goes well with no problems tomorrow 11/07
  3. TheWriter

    Respect is What:

    Respect is handled in the same line of self-worth. In this it is up to us to show respect, or not show respect. To show respect is to show your heart to everyone. If you refuse to show your heart? Then whatelse is there. A word with no heart, is a dull statement. That is why God's word was...
  4. TheWriter

    I am treated like I am the enemy.

    At work I work to the best of my ability. I am working at a rate that can help establish a future. However, that future is null invoid at Tyson Foods. Tonight this woman on my line in which is brought in from another department is supposedly running the floor. However, one night she said a...
  5. TheWriter

    Me, Myself, and of course I:

    We were all brought into this world for one thing. Fellowship. To fellowship with each other, and with God. With fellowship we are to love each other as God loves us. We should never look at the person through the outward ways. We should look at their soul, because this is where God's love...
  6. TheWriter

    True Story:

    I wrote this a while back, it is a True Story because of how God's love spreads throughout everyone's soul. True story, one day a man comes into the diner on 32nd street. He sat down for a brief moment his dogs were barking. The waitress came to him asked if she could be of any help. The man...
  7. TheWriter


    I really do not know where I can post this. I can not even post it on my blog. Reason is because many at work know my blog url. As they do not know this site. So, I will post it here. I started at Tyson last November. I worked to the best of my ability, as I asked God to help me with. Even with...
  8. TheWriter

    The Circle of Love:

    Think of relationships like a circle. It is a two person ordeal. Never one sided for if the one sided relationship ever worked it be just one way, not both. You can not make a full circle if it is one sided because all you would have is the letter "C". You can not have a relationship with God if...
  9. TheWriter

    From my blog:

    Why is it: That I write my thoughts, and my heart out on a blog site such as this one? The answer is really simple. It is to reach those in need, that deal with the same situations. It is to show support, and love to those who feel alone in the world as I have felt so...
  10. TheWriter

    My Health Updae

    I went to the HEart Doctor. I am told to have Hypertension Stage 2, with dizziness, sleep apnea. My job knows, along with H R and the nurses. I still get ran through the grind mill because of how I used to be able to work. One thursday night I was sent home due to being dizzy, and pale. I am a...
  11. TheWriter


    In life we realize that we are here for just a little while. In a blink of an eye, we are alive. God knows our sins; He knows that we will sin. However, He does not hate us. He simply hates the sin. He looks at us with a smile on His face. He knows our pain; He holds our burdens. These very...
  12. TheWriter


    I became a Shop Steward for the local 400 group of Unions. However, we have a bad snake in the cage that needs to be let go. Meaning this, she has been a high up union representative for years. However, there is one major problem. Everyone says that the Union does absolutely nothing for anyone...
  13. TheWriter

    In Writing:

    To demonstrate a written topic, we must go with what is placed within our hearts. That is what I do. As many people say that I have my heart on the sleeve. However, this may be true in some areas. I do my best to be better than who I was years ago prier. In respects to this statement, I do what...
  14. TheWriter

    With Respect:

    Comes a lot of responsibility. At times it is OK to speak about work, as others I can not express anything about it too much. So, I will be careful within this post to not say any names. I have not been told anything, it is my own doing to put a hush on certain things. In case I need to. This...
  15. TheWriter

    My Tooth Extraction:

    Before I even thought about getting my tooth removed, I felt very horrible. I started getting dizzy, ect.. It was not a good thing. it caused me to feel so beside myself that I never thought I was in danger. I got it removed yesterday, I woke up with no pain which was a great plus. Before I had...
  16. TheWriter

    The Life of Henderson:

    To change a life is to change yourself. For people can see the change within you just by looking into your eyes. The eyes are the source of the soul to where God expresses His true love. True love is defined not only by emotion, but by also by the love He expressed on the cross. Henderson...
  17. TheWriter

    My Health:

    I went to the Dentist for the pain in my jaw. They said I have an abscess tooth. OK, then let's get it out. They said it is very strange for me to have pain on that tooth, and noth the other where it is obstructed? Kind of funny, because yeah. I seen the x-ray I looked over at it. Then they said...
  18. TheWriter

    pLEASE pRAY :

    Please pray that I can get my old job back.
  19. TheWriter

    I hated to do it:

    I am posting this here, for various reasons. To keep prying eyes from work from knowing. I called into my old boss to see if I can go back to my previous job. They said it is clearly up to the plant. However, I have my girl working there. She has been talking for me. I told my old boss that I...
  20. TheWriter


    When I feel stressed, my anxiety over runs. This woman named Alison, she has been hassling me. I am one of the very small few that are White that work at this Chicken plant. This woman that got me demoted from my position, has been harassing me. Fallowing me, watching me, and getting in my face...