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  1. EmilyNats

    Help finding the long lost Tinuviel

    It seems my search has come to a victorious end! Thanks for all the help and support!
  2. EmilyNats

    Help finding the long lost Tinuviel

    I might! Hopefully they wont mind me posting the same thing twice lol
  3. EmilyNats

    Help finding the long lost Tinuviel

    Yes! Thank you! I knew it was either Michigan, Wisconsin, or Minnesota, but i could never quite decide which.
  4. EmilyNats

    Celebrity crushes when you were a kid

    Hugh Jackman forever! :love:
  5. EmilyNats

    Ask the user below you a question

    Going to ride with mom to the city and maybe shop! Mini pony or mini donkey?
  6. EmilyNats

    Help finding the long lost Tinuviel

    I miss Tinuviel a lot. I Don't even know if this is allowed, sorry if its not. But if someone still has some sort of contact with her I would really appreciate if you could either pass that info to me or tell her I'm looking for her. Also if that penpal website associated with this site is...
  7. EmilyNats

    Random game.

  8. EmilyNats

    Would You marry without dating?

    My parents did that. I may end up having to do that as well, since dad doesnt believe in dating :unsure:
  9. EmilyNats

    Would you or do you share bank accounts with your spouse?

    I would. But I don't feel like typing out an explanation of why I would.
  10. EmilyNats

    The ‘Perhaps’ Game.......

    Perhaps someine should continue making cookies and just give them to me.
  11. EmilyNats

    What would you do if....

    I would wait till someone else posted something. What would you do if you found a kitten on your front porch?
  12. EmilyNats

    Tommy, troll my bridge. Ask me riddles.

    No stairs, because its single story.
  13. EmilyNats

    The ‘Perhaps’ Game.......

    Perhaps I shall one day get over the fact that I don't have the TM symbol on my phone keyboard.
  14. EmilyNats

    Tommy, troll my bridge. Ask me riddles.

    I demand another riddle. I'm going to steal some of these.
  15. EmilyNats

    First Love Stories

    Love stories are an endless source of intrigue in popular culture, all the more so when they are true. I can't help but be curious myself. Anybody feel like sharing the story of the first time they were in love? How did you feel physically? How did things end? Do you look back on it as a...
  16. EmilyNats

    Men and Jobs (or rather, the lack of one)

    Okay, I think we all know that most men like to have the security of having a good job, being "providers", etc... But it seems like I am always dealing with men who are jobless or who are looking for a better job, and are not succeeding for some reason out of their control yet still revolving...
  17. EmilyNats

    Emotional Stability Problems

    Okay, so without going into agonizing detail, the general story is that I engaged a large amount of emotion where I did not intend to, and now I'm having trouble coping with the results. Yes, there is a male involved, though not physically. But I'm on an emotional rollercoaster like I've never...
  18. EmilyNats

    I would like to apologise

    Okay, so as some of you know, I seem to have been the culprit of starting quiet a bit of trouble. Not going to say how,why, when, or who; This is directed at those of you who already know those things. But anyway, I am just going to say that I am sorry for having started so much chaos. It was...
  19. EmilyNats

    For the love of... Movies!

    Who doesn't like a good movie? I thought it might be nice to have a place where we can brag on and recommend movies to each other. What movies did you really enjoy? What movies did you wish you hadn't watched? What movies do you recommend for the whole family?
  20. EmilyNats

    Bigger Emojis

    I would much appreciate it if the little smiley face thingies were bigger... It may just be because I'm always on my phone, but they are just so tiny.