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  1. Rechazado

    Do You Believe Aliens May Exist In The Universe?

    Yes i do! Besides, selfhumanistic beliefs saying "no" could be bypassing angels as aliens and, the bible is plenty in giving there are other forms of life . This selfcentered awareness limits God in having done or created whatever He wanted and that reminds me when pharisees wanted Jesus stop...
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    Know that summer is near - we are now living in the last of the last days

    When Jesus turned down those tables, it wasn't a single spiritual act, it also a moral (political) reaction against injustice. When He said blessed are those who were thristy and hungry for JUSTICE, He also performed a twofold behaviour, one leading the narrow way, and the other showing Him as a...
  3. Rechazado

    Know that summer is near - we are now living in the last of the last days

    What way your pres. Trump will be sounding to let you know (along with the world ) that He's coming?
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    Useful Websites

    This is the hyperlink for an offline English dictionary you dowload, both in your computer and in an OS using Android, with a beta version I'll show later on. Spanish documentation here: Desktop download...
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    Pray for Fellow Members

    Ha! Ha! Now i see your keyboard missed the proper Spanish punctuation on próspero... Yet i don't do X-mas 😉
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    Pray for Fellow Members

    Ok, uncle Jack 😞
  7. Rechazado

    Prayer for marriage.

    Will you marry a troublesome situation? Spare you bad times! That the tip of an iceberg and it's you who are emotionally dependant.
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    Why Do Christians Ignore some of Jesus' Teachings?

    I sadly regret Shaul Paul never heard Jesus when He taught "not been called rabbi or father"... It seems Paul wanted to be cherrished as a dad, so he called "many" as His children and, no doubts such -desire to be loved, to be an awful transgression of Jesus' commands (Matt 23)
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    An Example of the Law on our Hearts Under Grace

    H Hi uncle!😂 This is secularhermit. Do u still living in Spain with a petted cat? Hugs anyhow! 😃
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    There are only 2 Persons in the Israelite Godhead, not 3 Persons

    Who held the "original gospel" for centuries?
  11. Rechazado

    There are only 2 Persons in the Israelite Godhead, not 3 Persons

    I agree with you, YY The Lord Jesús also said , "don't fear those who kill the body. Instead , fear the One who kill the body and the soul in hell..." So here i also see we're Not 3 persons, but a twofold being and, if we were made according to His image, we probably have just 2.
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    Speak Your Mind.

    Ban me twice! It should be a DELETE bottom to leave at once?
  13. Rechazado

    Speak Your Mind.

    Now i sée somethings changed, sometimes: A LIFETIME subscription is only $100 (one time, not recurring).
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    Speak Your Mind.

    This is addressed to my blue lady bug.... i'm clumpsy, as always' been. 😞
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    Speak Your Mind.

    A cat or a bug surely wouldn't typewrite... If He/she chose not to say who "animal" she is, that could be he/she doesnt want to be EMOTIOnaLY preyed. Many HERE are afraid of showing their charming faces, scared for having been hurt or physically abused ( i won't mention How ) and, everywhere...
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    Speak Your Mind.

    Glad i saw something of the oldhermit... Wish you the best, whereever you are.
  17. Rechazado

    Hi from Veronica:)

    I know nobody here either! Yet I was banned as secularhermit, so you'll see i was i troll for saying horrible things (unless THEY lied)
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    I am a poor English Chinese, rely on translation software to communicate, thank everyone!

    May i suggest a dicctionary you can use to get it improved? It's TheSage, from sequencepublishing. Get versión 6, otherwise you gotta pay 10US$ Guess it could be downloaded from, where it was hosted as version 6
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    Just said...

    You are You are just one of those i missed (ladybug) the moment i was banned as secularhermit, and still see there's NOT the bottom to DELETE myself this account. After i checked a couple of perfiles i see some things changed and , apparently some ppl got divorced (etc.) and several ones...
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    Do you believe in a soulmate? POLL

    Few years back, i met "my" Gomer. I accepted all she said, her 3 children, the challenge she set on me to keep it up, but she remained seeking "her" soulmate and obviously i wasn't enough as i also thought previous women weren't what i look after... Our hearts are deseiving!