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  1. bahBR

    I am sharing the Gospel...

    I am sharing the Gospel with people on the streets of the city where I am living in. Please pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the love for the people, boldness, and wisdom. The guidance of the Holy Spirit is obviously needed. I need to grow in love (Godly love) for the people I am living...
  2. bahBR

    Discipleship in India

    What is the best discipleship curriculum or method for Indian believers?
  3. bahBR

    WMSCOG neighbours from South Korea

    I have been living in my current rented apartment since March 2018. I am from a church that is known as Church of God. I am in this city and state for church planting (not sheep stealing! :)). My church is evangelical, conservative and continuationist with regards to Holy Spirit's gifts and...
  4. bahBR

    What was meant by the author of Ecclesiastes 7:15-18?

    I am reading currently reading Ecclesiastes. What was meant by the author of Ecclesiastes 7:15-18?
  5. bahBR

    Pray for Shillong

    Shillong is the capital of Meghalaya, a state in North East India. It is inhabited by tribal majority and 60-80% are Christian. There is also sizable population of non-tribal people. Last week some tribal teenager boys were badly beaten up by non-tribals at a sweepers colony because of a...
  6. bahBR

    About Chauvinism and Control: Avoid

    Father in heaven, This is the first time I am using the word chauvinism. One of its meaning is showing 'excessive or prejudiced support for one's own cause, group, or sex'. That's what Google says! Anyway, recently, I met this man, and You know him. He claims to be one of Your special...
  7. bahBR

    Prayer request for brother, mother and ministry

    My brother started a small eatery recently but he has been having problems with the cook. Please pray for a stable minded cook. Please pray for my brother since he is not born again. Pray for his wife and daughter also. My mother has been in debt for a long time, I found this out recently. She...
  8. bahBR

    Overseer - 1 Timothy 3

    Whenever my wife and I argue she always reminds me of something that she THINKS that I did in the past that should have separated us. I never did it but I, and she, have no way of disproving or proving it. You may have understood what I mean by ‘it’. I met my wife in seminary – I never had any...
  9. bahBR

    Should Christians take prasad?

    Should Christians take prasad? If yes, why should we take it? And how should we think? What should be our attitude? Is not prasad food offered to gods/goddesses? Is taking and eating prasad an act of worship? If we should not take then what do we say or do to show respect to the Hindu...
  10. bahBR

    Spiritual Warfare and Spiritual Mapping

    Have you been to a Spiritual Warfare and Spiritual Mapping workshop or seminar? What are your thoughts on these topics? Here are mine: I recently attended a Spiritual Warfare workshop, the presenters included Spiritual Mapping as a key ingredient in Spiritual Warfare. The presenters seem to...
  11. bahBR

    Questions about the 7 Basic Commands of Jesus

    According to George Peterson the 7 basic commands of Jesus are as follows: 1. Repent (and believe the Good News). Mark 1:15 2 Be baptized. Matthew 28:18-20, Acts 2:38 3. Love. John 13:34, Matthew 22:37-40 4. Celebrate the Lord’s supper (take communion). Luke 22:17-20 5. Pray. John 16:34...
  12. bahBR

    Haiku of sorts #001

    hypocrite lifer when will he truly stand sure? i hope from today! ------------ Share yours Lets reflect and comment.
  13. bahBR

    Let's read a book of the Bible together

    Let us read a book of the Bible together. - Please suggest one. - Lets agree on chapters per week. - Let's also agree on what to post about our readings. It shouldn't be too lengthy. What do you think?
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    Hello everyone, I'm looking forward to study the Bible together and have fellowship.