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  1. Kim82

    Choices we make

  2. Kim82

    Where are you from?

    I didn't know it was so complicated. Well as for me, I'm from my mother's womb.
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    Comment by 'Kim82' in media 'FB_IMG_1575028617929.jpg'

    Amen. Thank you Jesus.
  4. Kim82

    Am I intolerant and a racist?

    Proverb 26:5 Answer a fool according to his folly, lest he be wise in his own conceit. Proverb 29:9 If a wise man has an argument with a fool, the fool only rages and laughs, and there is no quiet.
  5. Kim82

    Can a man love ONLY ONE woman?

    Is it possible that a woman can love only one man?
  6. Kim82

    How to enjoy your singleness

    Whether you are single or married, the key thing is not to compare your life to others. Just do what's best for you. Focus on all the blessings God has given you and not on what you don't have.
  7. Kim82

    Hello from nick_likes_toucans

    Greetings to you Nick. Greetings also to your ginger boys and girls!
  8. Kim82

    Prayed button

    I think this is a great idea. The person will know their request was read and that they are being prayed for.
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    Greetings! Welcome to CC
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    Do you enjoy your singleness?

    Excuse me now, but I have to stop you right there in your tracks. The poor man Lazarus, who eat the crumbs from the rich man's table. I don't think he felt predestined. When Lot had sores on his body, and his wife advised him to curse God and die. I wonder if he felt predestined? When...
  11. Kim82

    Do you enjoy your singleness?

    For the most part, I'm content with being single. I see it as waiting on God. But there are other times when I just wish I was married already. I try to have joy and happiness in my life and lots of laughter. But its just how I like to be. It's not because I'm happy being single. But being...
  12. Kim82

    Do you enjoy your singleness?

    I'm not criticizing the poster. I'm just trying to understand why they feel the way they do.
  13. Kim82

    Do you enjoy your singleness?

    You can do all that with friends/family. It's better to let God reinforce you. And why do you want someone that needs you to reinforce them?
  14. Kim82

    What was Sunday/Saturday sermon about?

    Have we obeyed the gospel of God? You can't lose your flavour and still be salt of the earth. Do you desire the word of God everyday or just on Sunday? We must desire the word, like new born babes in need of milk. If all you do is attend church, yet continue to do every abominable thing under...
  15. Kim82

    What was Sunday/Saturday sermon about?

    Which church do you attend?
  16. Kim82

    Something You are Thankful For

    Today we had the funeral for a sister in Christ who had passed away sometime ago. It was less than two years ago, I think it was, that she had given her life to God. And I'm just giving God thanks that she had made herself right with God before He called her home.
  17. Kim82

    Where has Biblical Modesty gone???

    I don't have the strength for such things. And these same people can quote every scripture except the one where it says to dress modest. They quote instead, God looks at the heart, not appearance. Twisting the scripture to suit their need to show cleavage.
  18. Kim82

    Where has Biblical Modesty gone???

    The pastor could preach modesty until he out of breath. It won't make a difference. Some people are just fully convinced in their hearts that God does not mind them dressing in tight, revealing outfits. I don't see why a man should wear shorts to church. Would he turn up at the office in a...
  19. Kim82

    Where has Biblical Modesty gone???

    I believe in being modest but I don't believe in fighting for the cause. When you see a grandma who should know better showing cleavage, what can you do huh? What can you do but shake your head in disbelief.