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    Are the Gospels written specifically to Jews only?

    The audience of the Gospels was centered on the lost sheep of the house of Israel and the preaching of the Kingdom was the message.
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    If the message of Jesus wasn't proclaiming the Kingdom what are you looking forward to.?

    The earthly Kingdom will become a reality in due time and the conditions of living in a sinless society without any pain or tears obviously has very little appeal these days.
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    Love was not the core of Jesus" message.

    Love" Was Not The Core of Jesus' Message Sadly, the average person thinks Jesus' main message was about love. While it is true that love figured prominently in His message, it was not the core of his proclamation and certainly wasn't what got Him crucified. Neither the Romans nor the Jewish...
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    The Gospel is simply believe in Jesus or go to Hell!

    The Gospel is Simply 'Believe in Jesus or Go To Hell'. Many Christians explain the Gospel as 'believe in Jesus or go to hell', without any further explanation other than Jesus died for your sins. While, according to the Bible, hell as most Christians visualize it, does not exist, this...
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    Open Theism

    Basically means God is limited is this backed up with scripture?
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    Pagan Christianity?

    Far better to be known for what we do rather than what we say our friends and neighbors miss very little and relations are not blind but the overriding fact is that we can fool those around us but God sees every thought and deed. There has always been a remnant of true Gentile believers...
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    Inner peace

    Amidst everything else that forms part of everyday living the inner peace that that comes only from God is priceless, the key is to put God in His rightful place and the blessings will follow, right doctrines and such will cloud the issue and expressions like The Great Commission a term not...
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    Spiritual War

    From experience it is obvious that when we get older we see things from a different perspective altogether when it comes to things that matter in our approach to God and His Bible. Doing some revision work I was reminded of the relationship between God and the children of Israel leading up to...
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    Born Again.

    What does it mean to be converted and born again The term "born again" has become popular in some Christian circles over recent years. Charles Colson, Nixon's "hatchet man", who went to prison for his part in Watergate, became a Christian through that experience. Today he is president of Prison...
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    Repentance the missing message.

    Introduction: The Missing Message In spite of the fact that both the Old and the New Testaments make it very plain that repentance is an indispensable part of salvation, there are two very disturbing trends in the modern church. Either repentance is largely being ignored, with belief alone being...
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    What was the nature of Adams death?

    Was it Physical or was it Spiritual.
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    Original Sin, fact or fable.

    The entire doctrine of Original Sin is succinctly summed up in the following statement excerpted from an article entitled The Myth of Original Sin by Tom Overstreet.. Most Christians who profess to believe in the doctrine of original sin are ignorant of exactly what its teachings really are...
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    Because of the unbelief of the Jews Gentiles are grafted in.

    Yet we have learnt very little and the worldliness that the Gentile Christians practice and the diversification found in doctrines and practices sets us so far apart from Judaism.
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    Houston we have a problem.

    The head Pastor of Hillsong Australia Brian Houston is under investigation by police for allegedly covering up child sexual abuse committed by his father, this investigation follows the appearance by Houston at the Royal Commission inquiry for institutional child sexual abuse in Australia and...
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    Any man that teaches the Jews do not need Jesus needs to be avoided.

    Using his own words in this video Pastor John Hagee states that the Jews do not need Jesus.
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    The Lost Squadron

    Deeply buried missing planes challenge " slow and gradual" preconceptions.
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    The Sixteen Grandsons of Noah

    Improve your knowledge of the Bible.
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    Can a Christian believe in Noahs flood not being Universal?

    The evidence for a worldwide flood is everywhere.
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    Judaism is NOT Zionism

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    What is Sin?

    The Concept of Sin From the beginning of time until the present day, virtually every ethnic group in the world has had their own unique set of beliefs that help them cope with the issues of life and death. More often than not, they have also practiced some form of appeasement of the gods. These...