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  1. Katwhe2

    Prayers for my Sons

    GOD BLESSED salutations Cc family!! May I please ask a favour of prayers for my sons, myself and their Dad, Cc family. I recieved word last night that my 16 year old has been going through very very testing times, while adjusting with now, living with his Dad. He is a good son, he has been...
  2. Katwhe2

    Prayers for my family

    Hi Cc!! We've been blessed with an opportunity for my 16yr old Son to live with his Dad. A blessing, my son has been wanting for the last 4 years. During that time hes been through seasons, with being raised by me as he missed his Dad alot, espicially being a teen Male.. and as a family we...
  3. Katwhe2

    For my children and I

    Kia Ora Everyone!! My children and I are going through very testing times.. and I've come forward to ask for extra prayers of love peace strength and kindness, togetherness and wisdom for us all and for all other solo parent families who are also in need.. to come through all obstacles through...
  4. Katwhe2

    Solo parenting a complexed teenage Son

    Hi. I'm a solo mum to 2 sons- 12&16, and sort of struggling to understand my 16year old, at the moment. There are many layers of complexities that have happened in my sons life. 1.. his Dad isnt around or reliable, 2.. he doesnt want to be raised by a "woman" 3.. he wants to join his Dads gang...
  5. Katwhe2

    Prayer for family strength

    Praise the Lord!! Dearest Cc friends.. My family is in need of prayer to return to our Heavenly Fathers righteous way of living and being, please. My family has slowly become lost and unkind Since losing my papa, who was a good and righteous man. While he was here, he led us and shared the Lords...
  6. Katwhe2

    Hi Everyone!!

    Hi Everyone! I'm new here & May God keep Blessing us all 🙏❤