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  1. salvation_child

    I’m in need of prayer

    I pray for the Lord Jesus Christ to be with you in your difficult times. Place your trust in Him and keep holding on regardless of what the devil brings your way. Be blessed in Jesus' name :)
  2. salvation_child

    Wife gets pregnant, now wants to leave me.

    That is a VERY difficult situation and I cant begin to imagine what you are going through at this point in time. However, based on what youre saying, its sounding like the devil is trying to destroy your life starting with your family. DONT LET HIM! Cry out to Jesus and the devil will flee. I...
  3. salvation_child

    New here

    Yay! Its so great to have you here my dear. I sure hope your time is well spent here and that you will come to meet new friends like I have. God bless you! :)
  4. salvation_child

    Let's Daydream A Little...

    Well for me, he doesnt have to do anything really but love me unconditionally and let his actions show just that. It would nice of he can cause we could sing praises together but thats not required. I will accept him anyhow the Lord presents him to me :)
  5. salvation_child

    The problem of being rich

    Thats what I meant, worded incorrectly hehe :LOL:
  6. salvation_child

    Does doubt cause you to not receive from God?

    Well....I have noticed that when I pray for something, most times it come when I least expect it. Because of this, I am willing to wait on the Lord and believe that He will bless me with what I asked for. God is truly amazing :love:
  7. salvation_child

    Is The Lent Period Necessary?

    Really? Catholics are forbidden to consume meat? There is nothing in the Bible that indicates that we should not eat meat so why would they practice this? :unsure:
  8. salvation_child

    Is The Lent Period Necessary?

    Lol some people will take it to the extreme I suppose. My vegan uncles love fish! Here in the Caribbean, fish isn't considered as meat. :)
  9. salvation_child

    Is The Lent Period Necessary?

    No, where I come from, fish doesn't count as meat. I am not sure about other parts of the world
  10. salvation_child

    Is The Lent Period Necessary?

    I agree 100%! :) Thanks so much
  11. salvation_child

    Is The Lent Period Necessary?

    Yes I agree. Its sad how many of these things are created by men and forced onto believers as a requirement.
  12. salvation_child

    Is The Lent Period Necessary?

    So the Catholics are the ones who came up with this? I never knew the origins. It would make sense though
  13. salvation_child

    Is The Lent Period Necessary?

    Thanks, its true, it is not from God. I remember when I was in high school, a preacher came to us and stated that we dont have to give up meat but anything that you enjoy in life whether it be music, chocolate, etc. I was confused then and felt guilty since I gave up nothing. Ive always felt the...
  14. salvation_child

    Is The Lent Period Necessary?

    So I have read that .. ''The rules for fasting and abstinence in the United States are: Every person 14 years or older must abstain from meat (and items made with meat) on Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, and all the Fridays of Lent. Every person between theage of 18 and 59 (beginning of 60th year)...
  15. salvation_child

    The problem of being rich

    I believe money is the root of all evil. When one has financial wealth, the desire for power comes along with it regardless of what their intentions started out to be.
  16. salvation_child

    Is cleanliness next to godliness?

    ''The Bible never specifically addresses cleanliness being "next to godliness", meaning that being clean is a form ofgodly behavior. The proverb is popularly credited to John Wesley's 1778 sermon, “Cleanliness is indeed next to godliness” '' Thats what I read. Although its not found in the...
  17. salvation_child

    What happen to the chat room 😕

    Gosh I thought it was just me not being able to see it
  18. salvation_child

    How many close friends do you have and how old are you?

    I'm 24 and I dont have any close friends where I live. I have people that I talk to on the phone but thats as far as it goes. I have one close friend tho. Eh, I think I need to socialize more :(
  19. salvation_child

    Abuse in a Marriage Grounds for Divorce?

    Physical abuse, yes, a divorce is needed. I will NEVER remain with a man who abuses me and puts my life in danger. Id oray for him to change but if he doesnt then theres nothing else I can do. I would have to leave and file for divorce. My body is the Temple of God and I want a man who treats me...
  20. salvation_child

    Please suggest good Christian movies

    Do you believe? (made me cry) War Room Heaven is for real Miracles from Heaven Hacksaw Ridge Letters to God