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  1. StrugglingTilMyReward

    Best christian movie?

    Just watched War Room on netflix, very good although I like Overcomer better.
  2. StrugglingTilMyReward

    Best christian movie?

    Overcomer had me crying, laughing and cheering. This is one of the most powerful scenes in the movie. How many of us can identify with the basketball coach? I know I can....or at least I did, watching this again helps remind me of who I am and whose I am.
  3. StrugglingTilMyReward

    Strange voices and thoughts in your head

    I've wondered about this myself.... I work with a woman who told some of us a few months back that one day she might not show up for her shift. Because we're both church going Christians she confided in me the reason, she explained that she believed the rapture is coming soon. Now Liz (not...
  4. StrugglingTilMyReward

    Can one be too "preachy" proclaiming with authority they don't have?

    Thank you Adstar for pointing to the log in my eye in a gentle fashion. I attend a Reformed Church in the town where I live, which is not the tradition in which I was mostly raised, and I don't view it as perfect by any stretch, but its where I find that my soul is best fed. The church I was...
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    Can one be too "preachy" proclaiming with authority they don't have?

    I recently read a book on early debates within The Church....and on this point there was much debate. There were communities where women did in fact lead worship, and others which decided who would officiate rites and services by that nobody could be seen as leading, given Jesus'...
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    Can one be too "preachy" proclaiming with authority they don't have?

    It can be a thorny issue. I should point out that I am a man, although Paul tells me that in Christ I am not a Jew or a Gentile, not slave or free nor male or female. Are women called to be Pastors and/or Elders? I know there are women in my home church who believe they are called to be...
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    Can one be too "preachy" proclaiming with authority they don't have?

    I'm currently reading C.S. Lewis' 'Mere Christianity' so this is a timely discussion....I do think there are central key points that are agreed upon by 99% of Christians. That Jesus is the Son of God, that He died and rose again....but beyond that, when it comes to smaller points related to...
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    Can one be too "preachy" proclaiming with authority they don't have?

    I am going to disagree with you on this specific point...and interestingly its a current and contested debate within my home church....we do not have women as elders in my home church....its something that is decided by a vote, and to elect women as elders would require a 2/3rds majority to...
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    A Word Given To Me By The Lord.

    Well now....that settles it, I'll never even be able to try one now. I used to like Arby's once and a while, but that was until I saw a couple of less than flattering comments on 'The Simpsons'....ever since then I've wondered "hmmmm, what's wrong with Arby's" and haven't been able to go back.
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    A Word Given To Me By The Lord.

    I've read about the Impossible Whopper and Real Meat....these vegan "meat" products, but I haven't been able to bring myself to try one yet....although my reluctance isn't due to any divine revelation, I am about as far from being a vegan as is humanly possible, I love meat. I saw a meme that...
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    Why pastors and preachers should not be receiving salaries

    Hmmmm......modern day constitutional Churches? I'm not sure if my home church qualifies as such. I think it does, but I'm not sure. Assuming it does, then you're saying that the pastors at my church are sinning in receiving a salary and they need to also seem to be suggesting...
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    Tithing. What are Christians suppose to do?

    I've wondered about this myself....and I do personally believe that 10% is a good benchmark, its something I use as a guideline but I don't keep a strict accounting. I know the figure based on my annual income, but I personally work off of my net figure, not my gross income. I know some...
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    Can one be too "preachy" proclaiming with authority they don't have?

    There is one type of post here that I must admit gets under my skin a bit....uhm, maybe a lot. There are lots of theological points that are very much up for debate and many various schools of thought. One that springs immediately to mind is the whole debate over grace and works and the role...
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    Welcome, the start of any journey is the first stop.
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    How to come out to family

    No worries, I speak French as a second language and have had similar time my neck was sore and someone asked me how I was feeling....I thought I was saying 'I have a sore neck' but because I pronounced the word cou (neck) as ceu (hard to type how it sounds) instead I announced...
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    How to come out to family

    I must admit that when I read the subject line about 'coming out to family' the first thought that sprang to mind was NOT of a Muslim informing family of a conversion to following Christ. I don't know if this will help, but at a worship service recently our retired pastor who fills in on...
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    Hell being taught as subject in American schools?

    Personally, teaching students about Hell presupposes that there must be a Heaven.
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    'Inherit The Wind' An old movie with a message that still resonates....

    I'd be interested in engaging with others about one of my favorite old movies, 'Inherit The Wind'. Done in 1960 it depicts the historic 'Scopes Monkey Trial' of 1925. I've read that much of the courtroom dialogue is taken verbatim from court transcripts. I'll link the opening scene which is...
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    Read please

    When I'm on here I check new posts to see if there's anything of interest to me, or questions where I think maybe I can contribute. I know this is in the Christian Teen forum of the site, so maybe I shouldn't be replying here....I'm hardly a teen at 53 years of age, although I was for a time...
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    As a Christian, is it really so wrong to want to stay away from people?

    Reading your original post I found a lot I could agree with.....scripture has many passages admonishing the reader to BE STILL. For me a lot of that stillness is in the mind, and its hard to "still" one's mind in a crowd, you need to be alone for that. However the post quoted above seems to...