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  1. laughingheart

    Advent Activities

    I found this great advent of kindness calendar. Are there other things you would add to this list? What are other ways, big or small, that you can give to your neighbours/community/friends/family?
  2. laughingheart

    "I'm Listening" Chris McClarney

    A friend of mine just shared this song with me and it left me in tears of thanks. Chris McClarney "I'm Listening". This is the first time I've tried to post a song so I hope I am doing it correctly. I hope this lifts up someone who needs it.
  3. laughingheart


    Trippingly Trippingly, from toe to toe, I traveled through the town, But home had gone, it faded fast, and never could be found. I wailed at walls and wishing wells and begged the weather sprite, To lift the clouds and shine the stars, to see me through the night. No thatch laid roof...
  4. laughingheart

    There was a Time

    I have read a lot of encouragement messages on social media that talk about walking away from broken relationships, holding your head up, and going forward. When I would speak with young women and teens and hear their pain, their truth was something they couldn't bring themselves to share. They...
  5. laughingheart

    Share something you really like about your church/bible study.

    I think until we go home to be with God we will never find a perfect church. I know it wouldn't help me if I did, because I'm not perfect so I wouldn't fit in. It is easy to talk about that but I'd love to celebrate some of the things you all love about your churches. I really appreciate mine...
  6. laughingheart

    Hi everyone I'm Deb

    Hi everyone my name is Deb and I'm from Langley Canada. I've been a medical social worker, multimedia artist, writer and work in background for TV and movies, with the odd acting role. I'm a big sci. fi. fan, love humour and travel whenever I can (in other words the air miles have built up...