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  1. Immawildthing

    Do you have family members on cc?

    I just thought of this last night because I was thinking about my family members here. So, random question, do you have family members on cc? I've got two sisters (Survivor and Slaidyk) and a cousin (FireBug)
  2. Immawildthing

    Leaving my abusive husband... Finally.

    Some of you already may know this. But I got married 5 months ago, to a man who raped me, and made me feel like it was my fault. For 5 (almost 6) months, he'd been using me to gratify his own desires. And trying to be a good wife, I willingly gave my body to him. Through his constant abuse, I...
  3. Immawildthing

    Does a man OWN his family?

    When I was younger, I believed a man basically did OWN his wife and his kids. I was told by other women, not to get married, because men think they own you. I told my older step-sister, "I thought after you were married, he basically did own you." She told me that a man doesnt necessarily OWN...