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  1. Marie26

    Amazing song and is mainstream! love it !!

    Hey everyone, So I was sitting in my car today and happen to put on the radio when this song started playing ... the massage is so close to my heart. I am sure many of us have felt this way before. The name of the song is You say by Lauren Daigle. If you haven't heard it I recommend you do :)...
  2. Marie26

    Would you get upset if someone questions you about God?

    Would you get upset/mad if someone questions your believe in God / your faith. why or why not ?
  3. Marie26

    Sleep paralysis

    Please give me your thoughts on sleep paralysis. Is sleep paralysis evil?
  4. Marie26

    Looking for a good Church

    I find that it has not been so easy to find a church I feel good in by that I don't mean that the ones that I have visited are not good as it is not the case but one that I feel the holy sprit if that makes sense , any ideas how I should go about this FYI I was lucky so go to a church about 2...
  5. Marie26

    Are there foods a Christian should avoid?

    What does the Bible say about what foods we should eat? Are there foods a Christian should avoid? Tell me what you think ?
  6. Marie26

    Hello Everyone

    I am new to ChristianChat , But I am glad I found it If anyone needs to talk I am here to help :) have anice day and God bless.
  7. Marie26

    Prayers please

    Hello everyone, Recently I found out that I have health issues that cause me pain it's been almost 4 weeks and the pain has not gone away , thankfully I am now taking therapy and I am hoping to god that he gives me strength to get better for my self and my family. God has been very good to me...