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    Kind of work

    Just wondering what kind of work everyone you live to work or work to live. Do you have a vocation, or just a job. or is it a career? Volunteer? Paid or unpaid? if neither of these things, are you studying or hoping to get into something? I just thought it would be interesting, cos...
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    old wineskins or new?

    Sometimes I think older generation christians dont actually want younger generation christians coming to their church. Everything about some churches seems to be always geared for oldies and theres never anything new there, and books are still on bookshelves from 1984, everything looks tired...
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    Phone a friend

    Do you have a friend you can call when things get tough? I think those of us who have a friend like that are blessed. Someone who listens and is not too busy to care and is happy to hear your voice, and wont cut you off. Maybe you are stuck someone where and all the people around you just...
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    Does anyone read theology books? If so, which ones and who by. Is there a particular favourite theologian or popular one? The Bible says the greeks seek wisdom and the jews seek a sign...I guess its still true to day with all the debate still going on about who God is and His nature, in this...
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    Being stood up

    Have you ever been stood up or stood anyone up? Like on a date or even with family. Are you forgiving when it happens or do you feel betrayed. If you have ever stood someone up what were your reasons for doing so? It's probably unintentional, but in this day and age with mobile phones etc is...
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    Arthur Blessit

    Has anyone met this guy (and is that his real name?) Hes walked around the world and been to every country carrying a 12 foot wooden cross. Because Jesus told him's quite amazing. The cross has got a wheel at the end but still...when people see him, believers, unbelievers, they want to...
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    INFP club

    Dear INFPs. This is a thread just for you. Since I am one too and am happy so many INFPS on CC. We are idealists, so in this thread we can talk about our ideals without others saying they are unrealistic and will never happen! Be creative! Blessings from a likeminded and empathatic INFP.
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    Best board games

    What are your picks for best board game? The ones you most enjoy playing with others. Please give your fun factor rating. My number one is Scrabble. The other is pictionary, to play in teams. I think the fun factor for scrabble is learning to make new words and beating high score...
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    When people get the wrong idea about you

    I dont know if this happens to any of you a lot but just want to know how you handle it when it does. I had a neighboour email me the other day saying a mutual neigbour said I might be interested in renting his place and he was going to offer it to me when he moves down the country with his...
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    People of the Book

    Im a librarian and just doing a little research on literacy, so bear with me. Muslims actually call Jews and Christians 'People of the Book', isnt that interesting. But how many of us actually read this book? I mean really read, not just skim or listen to soundbites. And by reading I dont...
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    How I got off pills

    No I never liked to take pills, but at age 16 when I was going through a crisis doctors diagnosed me with manic depression (known today as Bipolar disorder) and for 15 years I suffered from having to take pills everyday that didnt work! I was still alive, but I was pretty much a zombie. It was...
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    I hope everyone reading this recognises their Saviour. I do. He is very dear to my heart and I knew Him from a young age that there was no other man who was perfect in every way. Yet many people dont even see Him or recognise Him. But for those who dont know Him is your actually saviour...
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    Disliking things

    Is it wrong to say you dislike things? I think personally its better to be honest and say you dont like something than pretend to like something. I have noticed this in some people who tend to people please. At first you think they might like to do something you suggest and then they go and do...
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    Town or country

    Do you live in the town or country, or what do you like better? Is the country lifestyle only 'the good life' for those who can afford it? Or Are you a complete city slicker?
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    Just for fun.. Personality test. Take the Myer Briggs Test and post what category you are. Lets see if any of us are actually the same or compatible. I find it very useful in the workplace. Because not everyone is the same (of course!) And that is ok. I always get INFP. In a nutshell it means...
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    Locking doors

    Do you lock your car at night? Or lock the house doors even though you are inside? Are you fearful of burglars in your neighbourhood, or have you ever been burgled. Do you lock your doors when you park in the church carpark, even though theres nothing IN your car to steal. Do you have a gate...
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    This thread is about seeing things in a different light. Something we get stuck into seeing things the way others think we ought to see them when its not really so. Because God looks on the heart and doesnt judge outward appearances, He can see things we miss. He can also see the potential in...
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    Old maids, bachelorettes and spinsters

    haha sorry Bachelors, ladies are having their own thread here, if you want one you could make your own. I have decided not to call it 'career woman' thread because it sounds like your job is driving an ambulance off a cliff. (Thelma and Louise? ) sorry I didnt create the english language...
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    To Sir with Love

    This thread is about teachers. Have there been any memorable teachers in your life, and what did they teach you? My most favourite teacher is Jesus of course, He has taught me everything and Im still learning. But what about all the others, have a think about who has taught you and made an...
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    Napoleon Hill

    What do Christians think of Napoleon Hill, author of the business bestsellers 'Think and Grow Rich' and 'Outwitting the Devil'. I have yet to make up my mind about him. Is he advocating some kind of positive thinking like prosperity gospel or something? He does seem to be against churches in...