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    millennial kingdom

    What will be in the millenial kingdom oft the earth?
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    New Earth

    We have a very nice future. Then we will lives of the new Earth. Maybe we must dont died and we will transformed in new body, eternal body. We got the crone of the life. This will be very, very wonderful!!!
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    fruit and vegetables

    I want tell, sure so some know it, fruit and vegetables eat separat. Fruit need longer for digestion as fruits. If you eat both together, then fermentation occurs because fruit needs longer for digestion. A friendly Note from me.
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    I had heard, that 98% all vaccines pure nerve poisons are. What you know about that?
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    The 8 Doctors

    The "8 Doctors" you know??
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    Important Question

    Why is it heavy to find a Partner? I have the impression, that one is measured by performance. What do you think about that?
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    The plant from Artemisia is really good for healing. If you have cold- ill, then you shall cook a tea with Artemisia. The taste is bitter, but it helps.
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    Ten Commandments

    For us Christian valid the 10 Commandments still ever. Every Commandment is valid! Right?
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    What is that seal from God?
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    Is the Sabbat for us valid still?