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  1. Marie26

    Amazing song and is mainstream! love it !!

    You know I agree with you mostly ..! We can be good friends if you ask me. As we have very set opinions haha.
  2. Marie26

    Amazing song and is mainstream! love it !!

    Haha yeah I know exactly what you mean !
  3. Marie26

    Amazing song and is mainstream! love it !!

    Well ok so I see where you are coming from in regards to other artist getting close to topping the charts such as Amy Grant but in terms of keeping the momentum going in my opinion Lauren Daigle has had a more positive outcome. Again that is all base on opinions one can say. In terms of why CCM...
  4. Marie26

    Amazing song and is mainstream! love it !!

    Hey! I did't forget... I believe that it did not get approve do to copy rights .... not sure. To your other question when I said mainstream I mean popular on a non christian radio music station. Unfortunately it is rear to see this however Christian artist Lauren Daigle has made history...
  5. Marie26

    What are you listening to?

    Just posted but I think you will love this song lauren daigle - you say
  6. Marie26

    Amazing song and is mainstream! love it !!

    Hey everyone, So I was sitting in my car today and happen to put on the radio when this song started playing ... the massage is so close to my heart. I am sure many of us have felt this way before. The name of the song is You say by Lauren Daigle. If you haven't heard it I recommend you do :)...
  7. Marie26

    Would you get upset if someone questions you about God?

    Would you get upset/mad if someone questions your believe in God / your faith. why or why not ?
  8. Marie26

    Sleep paralysis

  9. Marie26

    Sleep paralysis

    I think to think of the scientific explanation as the only explanation is to not be open minded about the possibilities , I do know that there is a scientific explanation but it is also nice to hear other peoples experiences.
  10. Marie26

    I want a friend.......

    Hey ! welcome to CC If you need someone to talk let me know ! Have a nice day :)
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  12. Marie26

    Sleep paralysis

    Please give me your thoughts on sleep paralysis. Is sleep paralysis evil?
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  14. Marie26

    Looking for a good Church

    No I think maybe I didn't not explain my self too well, I think I'm just looking for a church that I feel compatible that is welcoming.
  15. Marie26

    Looking for a good Church

    I find that it has not been so easy to find a church I feel good in by that I don't mean that the ones that I have visited are not good as it is not the case but one that I feel the holy sprit if that makes sense , any ideas how I should go about this FYI I was lucky so go to a church about 2...
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    Welcome ! Glad you are here ! have a nice day
  17. Marie26

    Last person to post wins!!!

    Still going strong hahaha
  18. Marie26

    Are there foods a Christian should avoid?

    Chickens from factory farms are killed in a variety inhumane ways. The same goes for cows, pigs, etc , reason why I asked ... I eat meat as well .. Was not questioning what you said or eat I hope you don't see it that way. This is just a healthy post to see peoples opinions Have a nice day !
  19. Marie26

    Garlic Potatoes made easy in oven

    Did not know what to make for dinner for my husband and I today but you just gave me an idea haha. Thank you !