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    Oases of God

    Oases of God by Frank Lee Jennings all rights reserved © copyright 2016 Psalm 110:2 NKJV He shall drink of the brook in the way Therefore He shall lift up the head Psalms 110:7 He shall drink of the brook by the wayside; Therefore He shall lift up the head Eternal Oases of God...
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    The empty wine bottle

    The empty wine bottle James Jones was my friend when we were mere lads. Both of us growing up in western Little Rock out beyond the city limit in the 1950's. Neither of our families were well to do and the Jones' were really what you would call dirt poor. We were young teens knocking around...
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    Stones Appearing

    Frank Lee Jennings Walking I walk to the water again where no bridge or crossing awaits me. Stopping at the edge I wonder, question, How shall I pass over? I bow my head. Praying, beseeching, I cry out, Lord, make a way for me to pass over, because there is no way, I am urged to step into...