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    Grandfather passed away

    Hi everyone, I was hoping that the CC community would pray for my grandfather who passed away Monday night. He passed peacefully in his sleep at 87. He was a great man. He was smart, funny, kind, helpful, and he always told great stories. I hope it isn't too strange to ask. Thank you everyone.
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    About Grace

    What is it? Based on the way I have seen this term used, my understanding is that it is the mechanism through which God saves us. I might be 100% off on this, but that is why I am asking. I gather from the rules on this board that this can be a contentious topic, so I would like to be clear...
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    A Bible Study Playlist I found this to be a useful resource as someone who is not well read in the historical context of the Bible. It is done by an Eastern Orthodox Father. Just wanted to post it for anyone else who may be interested. God bless!
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    Choosing an Orthodox Christian Church

    I've been drawn to Orthodox Christianity and I was hoping to attend some services. I am having some difficulty in doing so however for two reasons. The first is that most of these Churches have strong national or ethnic roots which I do not share. I'm not Russian, Serbian, Macedonian...
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    Hi everyone

    Hello ChristianChat users! I just wanted to introduce myself and give a bit of my history. I was raised as a Catholic, although very informally. Church attendance was sporadic, and spirituality wasn't discussed very often in my house. I went to a 'progressive' Catholic school where we only...