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    Becoming a believer before knowing certain doctrines...

    As I have previously mentioned in a couple of other posts, I did not attend church growing up but my family and I prayed during various occasions (during times of struggle, exams, during special meals such as Christmas dinner, etc). I read the children's Bible. So, I had a relationship with...
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    Are Women Not Allowed to Preach in Every Case?

    My pastor speaks at other churches, during the weekdays now and them. I don't always follow where she is or what she is doing, but she is definitely active.
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    Are Women Not Allowed to Preach in Every Case?

    In my church and other churches around me, I've noticed that women often start out as youth pastor or as associate pastor, with a senior/head pastor as male. They are also extremely active and serve as guest or temporary pastors/speakers at other churches. However, the women later step in or...
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    Quarantine Foodie life

    That's great! I have been trying new recipes too. I made Chef John's red beans and rice last week, from It is really delicious. I also made mashed potatoes and baked some beef. Today I'm making a big pot of dhal (Indian lentils) and a new one, Ethiopian collard greens (gomen...
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    Are Women Not Allowed to Preach in Every Case?

    Based on Paul's own standards, neither he, Jesus, nor any of the disciples who are single are fit to pastor a church or be part of church leadership because they are single. This shows that Paul was addressing a particular situation at the church to whom the letter is addressed. Women and...
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    Are Women Not Allowed to Preach in Every Case?

    The Bible makes it clear that at least married women may teach other men (Priscilla and her husband taught Apollos). There is no gray area there. Apollos was already smart to begin with, and was a great orator, but he needed help to clear up some details. This also shows that women may teach...
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    Jesus couldn't talk people into a saving faith? 🤷‍♂️

    If Jesus did not rise, would there be any Christians here today?
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    Jesus couldn't talk people into a saving faith? 🤷‍♂️

    The Gospels show that the disciples did not always understand Jesus, even when He wasn't speaking in parables. Jesus also prophesized about his death, and meaning of his death, in vague ways, and the disciples could not really understand who Jesus was until this happened in retrospect...
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    Catholicism vs Protestantism

    Praying to the saints is in the Apocrypha.
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    Did Jesus die to take the punishment for everyone's sins?

    What about all the Gentiles in the OT?
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    Catholicism vs Protestantism

    I do not believe there is disagreement between Protestants and Catholics for each of these. Sola Fide, by faith alone. - There is disagreement, since Catholics believe in faith and works. No one is disagreeing about the faith part, but on works. Isn't there some support for works, hence why...
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    Catholicism vs Protestantism

    In places where there are not too many Christians, or where Christians are persecuted such as ISIS controlled Syria, Protestant and Catholic pastors/priests WORK TOGETHER. The local churches there WORK TOGETHER. A travelling missionary who has been to places like Nigeria and Middle East said...
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    Catholicism vs Protestantism

    I would like to have a list of why people think Catholics are not Christians. Anyone? As a follow-up, I know there are differences, but how do these differences take away from being a Christian.
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    Catholicism vs Protestantism

    -belief in the Trinity -the virgin birth -the deity of Christ/Christ is the Messiah -the creation and subsequent fall of humanity -Christ’s unique atonement for our sins -the physical resurrection of Christ -the necessity of God’s grace for salvation (although disagreement on how grace is...
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    Catholicism vs Protestantism

    Protestants and Catholics are both Christians and we should treat each other as part of the Christian family. We both believe in the basic tenants of Christianity. Catholics have some additional beliefs, in part because they accept the Apocrypha. Before discussing which books should or should...
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    Strange question: Family curse?

    I think there is an explanation and it's not a curse. Childhood affects adult life. If children experience poverty, divorce, etc. they subconsciously may not want to marry or have kids or are a bit closed off to potential partners without realizing it. There may also be underlying medical...
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    If you're stuck at home, what are u doing to pass the time?

    I'm teleworking and working the same hours, so not much has changed. I do feel relaxed. I take breaks but I find the breaks at home more productive since I can cook or clean a bit. I have more personal calls during the day so I feel connected. I prefer eating at home for lunch.
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    Muslim Religion Started by Catholic Church

    Muslims are taught to be suspicious or even dislike Christians from a young age, however not all Muslims are extremists. We have social events at church open to everyone such as nearby apartments, there are a few Muslim kids there but their parents made it clear that they do not want their kids...
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    Anyone not going to church because of Corono virus?

    This is why people worry: This is not like the regular flu. More people die of regular flu because probably more people easily get it (it is kind of expected to get regular flu every year, that's why people get the...