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    Back to Christ

    Firm I stand, with my back to Christ Not moving a muscle, not thinking twice Murder them I will not do Although they may cut me down He is not facing them alone again This I do solemly swear He is not facing them alone Because I am there
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    Tired of Sin

    Please help me won't you let me in? I'm hungry and thirsty and tired of Sin. What is that under your arm? A bag of gold and a telephone? There's room for you here but not as you are. Go repent your sins and feed the poor. Repent I have, it's absolutely true. Listen while I repent to you...
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    Spider's Web

    I came across a bee trapped in a spider's web. He thought I was his foe and the spider his friend. No said he, when I said I'd set him free, don't do that! The spider promised me sweet nectar and a new top hat. Bee, I said, listen to me this will surely be your end But the bee being a stubborn...
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    Worship Me Not

    Setting traps with a hopeful heart Longing to return all from the dark Come worship me and you will receive Turn your back on me now and leave You think I am the cause of your pain No prey I want, no suffering, not again Hate a little less and love a little more Or back to the start we go...
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    Let Your Love Flow

    I was praying one night, asking what I should do. When I woke up in the morning the song 'Let your love flow' by the Bellamyy Brothers was playing in my mind. I'm not claiming that it was a heavenly response, but it sure felt like it. Thought I'd share in case it helps someone else. Kind...
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    Hello from Sydney, Australia

    I read most of the Bible when I was about 20 years old or so. Encountered what appeared to be contradictions and ended up reading what Jesus was quoted as saying. I connected well with what Jesus had to say. Sometime over the past 30 years the penny dropped and the apparent contradictions...