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  1. bunny4rmlove

    Important Prayer Request

    Two families from my home town lost their children to death. One young man was bullied he took his own life. The other young man was in a car crash. My heart goes out to both families. I only knew the young man that was in the car accident. Thank you for praying for these young men's families.
  2. bunny4rmlove

    Unspoken Prayer Request

    I'm really in need of prayer thank you so much!
  3. bunny4rmlove

    Please pray for a peaceful passing

    It is with great reluctance I post this. Nakita has declined immensely. Every day I worry a little more about her. She's very old for a husky. She has lived a really happy life with her pack members. Today she's the only dog pack member left, she's not well. I ask everyone to pray that God will...
  4. bunny4rmlove

    What do you think about christian relics and holy water?

    "Christian relics" and holy water do they have any actual power against the forces of evil? The bible doesn't mention Jesus using holy water or relics when he casted out demons. If they were at all relevant wouldn't the bible mention it?
  5. bunny4rmlove

    Urgent prayer request!

    We need prayer so badly my husband is so discouraged. the impression was given to him that his cousin could get him a job. however that's not how it worked out. Please pray for us! If you want more information please PRIVATE Message me. Thank you so much!
  6. bunny4rmlove

    Something to think about

    Every human born was created with a personal mission. Rather or not if we complete our mission is our choice. Missions can seem impossible but are worth finishing. Missions can be life changing, wisdom building and world changing. It is up to you to discover your mission and to complete it. If...
  7. bunny4rmlove

    HI, Hello

    I'm Re if you would like to talk just open your mouth and say hello :) I'm up for making friends