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    Part 1 of a series of 4 messages given by Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum at J. D. Farag's church (Calvary Chapel) in Hawaii in March, 2015. Dr. Fruchtenbaum teaches from a Jewish Messianic perspective the prophecies relating to the last days. His first part deals with...
  2. Linda70

    16 Things That Give Israel a Bad Name But Aren’t Really True

    16 Things That Give Israel a Bad Name But Aren’t Really True If you want to be a defender of Israel, you need to learn the facts! 1. "Jews in Israel are White European Colonialists" 2. "Zionism is Racism. Israel by Definition is Undemocratic." 3. "Israel is an Apartheid State." 4. "If...
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    The Rapture is Imminent!

    The Rapture is Imminent! The coming of the Lord Jesus for His Church is presented in the New Testament as an imminent hope and expectancy. That the coming of Christ is "imminent" simply means that our Lord may come at any time. Nothing needs to happen before He comes. No prophecy needs to be...
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    Do Jews Need Jesus? A Response to John Hagee and CUFI (Christians United for Israel)

    John Hagee of CUFI (Christians United for Israel) says that Jews don't need Jesus for salvation. We, as Jewish Israeli believers in Jesus, would like to challenge you otherwise! Romans 1:16 For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the...
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    Prophecies Fulfilled In Modern Israel

    This article was written by an Israeli brother in the Lord, Dr. Elisha Weismann and edited by his brother in law, Dr. James Ach, who is also an Israeli brother in the Lord. I will just post the first two paragraphs of the article....and for those who wish to read the complete article and...
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    JEWISH MISSIONS AND MESSIANIC JUDAISM.. Posted in Israel's Messenger on February 8, 2010 by Moshe Gold and Mark Robinson There are those who believe that the Messianic Movement is the natural alternative to Christianity for saved Jewish people; one whose members effectively reach other Jewish...
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    Is Israel God’s Elect Nation?..

    In another thread on this forum, there is a group of people who are really not interested in hearing the truth or speaking the truth. They are the fulfillment of 2 Timothy 4:2-4...and they would rather listen to their "reformed/preterist/covenant" theology "teachers" than to read and study...
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    The Christian and the Jew

    The Jew Scattered by God's almighty hand, Afflicted and forlorn, Sad wanderers from their pleasant Land, Do Judah's children mourn; And e'en in Christian countries, few Breathe thoughts of pity for the Jew. Yet listen, Gentile, do you love The Bible's precious page? Then let your heart with...
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    Netanyahu prophetically correct at UN

    Netanyahu prophetically correct at UN It is yet to be seen whether or not Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech at the UN gained any diplomatic or political ground for Israel. The message, however, was certainly ground-breaking. On the floor of the United Nations General Assembly, in front...
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    The Serpent Seed Teaching from the Serpent

    The Serpent Seed Teaching from the Serpent Aug 1 2013 The Serpent seed, teaching "from the Serpent" Pt.2 Is Cain, the Devil's seed? [Excerpts] One of the more weighty arguments used is that Cain is not found in the genealogy (Gen:4:16-25), reinforcing the [premise that] he is from the Devil...
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    New from Mississippi

    Hi brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus! I'm Linda and I live in the delta of Mississippi, just south of Memphis, TN.