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    So many anti charismatic smear jobs allowed?

    I am a charismatic member of Jesuses body. And yet I am fair game. Attacking the body of christ is demonic. Actual believers with a green light to attack other believers for their beliefs. End times madness And this forum incubates it.
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    Perry Stone ,who has friends in several end times doctrine camps ,brings out the component of the bema seat contrasting it in other views.
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    The rapture is the gathering of the bride. It is vividly depicted in mat 25. Jesus is the groom,the 5 wise,half of the 10,are taken to the marrige chamber . We see intimacy depicted between Jesus and his bride. Now,not that dynamic in relationship with "tribulation" The tribulation of that...
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    Why does cc allow hyper pauline heretics a platform????

    The Pauline only adherents have Jesus ,Peter,and James preaching a different gospel than Paul. That means,according to Paul,they are cursed. Paul repeats it twice. Even the great commission is baloney to the hyper paulines
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    99% of CC BDF First page is "lets figure out salvation"

    Why are believers confused over salvation? We see thread after thread on salvation. One must go to page 2,or 3 to find another topic. You have the cross skizm "ohhhh brutha ittttssss the crossssssss" The works schizm" obey the law" The greasy grace schizm "all your sins are forgiven,you do not...
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    The Key Issue We've All Been Ignoring ....PRAYING IN THE SPIRIT(TONGUES)

    The thing is,we encounter instances where we have a difficulty with someone. This will for sure break those strongholds of unforgivemess/animosity.
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    Ben Shapiro awaiting messiah who comes as a human for peace

    Ben,says the messiah is coming as a polital figure to bring peace to israel.,but Jesus was not the mesiah. FF to 3;30
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    WOAH, just saw this while driving over here

    I always wondered what was meant by " my wordd will not RETURN void. This was just answered from heaven as i was praying and driving. It has to do with definitive authoritive prayer,as in praying for a need or someones healing. ( maybe anything for that matter) When you or i invoke scripture...