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    I am christian protestant, living in Europe.

    Hello. Just wondering is there a person from this site with same description? Many thanks
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    Evangelical Bible Preacher?

    Hello. Do u listen to a Bible Preacher from outside of ur church? I would like to know if somebody here listen (all the time) to Pastor John Macarthur. Its quite a deep preaching and i would love to talk with people who, like me, came to the faith by his explainings of the Word. Many thanks.
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    Dead church?

    Hello. How u would describe a dead church? Ephesus was dead yet it all looked well on the outside..but it was so mechanicly- just duty and the passion was gone. R u able to recognize if ur church is like that? And when we should leave?
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    Some advice, please?

    Hello. I left the church first because i have struggles and i met no one from the church to comfort me or build me up... I m very judgemental person.. I know its wrong and i know i m sinful person myself. One of the reasons that i left the church is that i dont like the mentality of the people...
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    Singles in England?

    Hello, i ve seen the Canadian thread and i thought that the idea is very nice we to know each other especially if we live in the same area. So let me start - my name is Hristina, i live in Southampton, UK and i m protestant by faith. I would like to have friends with the same views of life. I ve...
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    Need advice

    Hello. I would like to hear ur opinion about my problem. I asked one man from the church to help me with my 4 year old son as i saw my son needs a man in his life and as it is - i m single. He agreed to meet us and he even like us. We spent such a nice time together and our meetings lasted up to...
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    i m single

    Hello everyone! They told me i m fanatic about the Bible. Any males interested to chat with me?
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    How will you find a wife?

    Hello. I want to get marry but i dont know how to find husband who is godly person (baptist faith). Some advices?
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    Is it right to want someone that God saved you from?

    I prayed every day to God to remove my ex from me because i could see he is demon possessed. I remain single but i want my ex to change (to find God and "rise from the dead" and repent) because i want him back. Is it right to want my ex when i still remember my tearful prayers to God to save me...
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    I suggest we evangelical to have separate forums because its very scary to argue with false religious people. Please