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  1. levi85

    10 Tailor Machines

    Friends, you can pray that God bless, with 10 Tailor machines, so that we will stitch face masks and provide freely to independent Pastors, family their believers and other needy people. God bless!
  2. levi85

    more Rice Bags

    Friends, people knew I gave, Rice Bags, some are coming to me, and asking if I have Rice Bags, for them. You can pray if it is God's will God bless me with more Rice Bags, for these people. God bless!
  3. levi85

    for wife

    Friends, from yesterday, wife is unwell and lying on bed, you can pray , God touch and heal her. Let God's healing and strength be upon her, and she be well and fine soon. Thank you!
  4. levi85


    Friends, people are coming to me for Rice, as they knew that I gave Rice bags. You can pray, if it is God's will God will bless me, with more Rice to distribute, otherwise, Let these people stop coming to me for Rice. Thanks!
  5. levi85

    to give Hindi Bibles

    Friends, an independent Pastor has called me many times, it's a dilemma, feeling to go and distribute Hind Bibles, either tomorrow or day after tomorrow, but it's a lockdown and gathering is not allowed. You can pray , God protect and bless, so that we can deliver Bibles safely. Thanks!
  6. levi85

    Let this continue

    Friends, I had distributed Hindi Bibles, but now, during lockdown, God gave me an opportunity to give Rice bags to others You can pray that God bless and guide so that I deliver Hindi Bibles & Rice bags to people here, I always want God bless needy people with spiritual food and physical food...
  7. levi85

    20 Hindi Bibles

    Friends 2 independent Pastors, called me, and shared if I could give then 10 Hindi Bibles each. I told I will pray and let them know. You can pray God bless , to deliver 10 Bibles each to these independent Pastors, to give to their believers. Let God's word reach to the believers of these two...
  8. levi85

    Salome's online classes

    Salome beginning her school life, she will have online classes after few minutes. Let God bless salome's school life, let she learn and understand well let she have best education. Let God bless Salome, her online classes, and school and future life. Thank you!
  9. levi85

    pray for my mom

    Friends, for somedays she is not eating, she was unable to walk and was crawling to the bathroom, dad seeing her he was crying, also mom said to dad, to take care of me, and sister's. Sis. and her husband took her to doctor, she returned with medicines , but after lunch, she went to bathroom...
  10. levi85

    my parents

    Friends, my parents are , weak and old, both are ailing. You can agree and pray, God take care of my parents, remove their pain, suffering, and health issues, and bless with good health, strength and peace, at this old age. God bless!
  11. levi85

    Feed India

    Friends, it's a , lockdown for more than a month, and it may continue as the virus is increasing everyday, so not able to go outside to give Bibles to others. You can pray that God anoint and guide me, so that, we will be able to feed others, who are struggling with food, or are starving and...
  12. levi85

    Lamentations 3:22-23

    The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.
  13. levi85

    Let this man be tested negative

    Friends, a man about 2-3 lane from our house, is now taken for coronavirus testing. He had fever, also he returned from another state, where coronavirus is second highest in India. You can pray,this man tests negative, and we all remain protected from coronavirus. Thank you!
  14. levi85

    for me

    Friends, I am feeling unwell, you can pray God touch me, heal me and bless with a good health. Thank you!
  15. levi85

    Bro. Terry

    Friends, bro. Terry, helped me to start and run a Day Care Centre in 2014. In 2016 , he stopped writing due to misunderstanding You can pray, that bro. Terry pardon me, and write to me. Let God work in his heart, and he write to me , as he was writing, in the beginning...
  16. levi85

    10,000 KG of rice

    You can pray God bless, me with some 10,000kg of rice, so that I will go out and give it to some independent Pastors, here. You can pray the Lord of Heaven and Earth, and the Lord of 5 breads, and 2 fishes, bless, so that God’s love and His Gospel spread during this lockdown time. God bless!
  17. levi85

    New born baby crying

    Friends, today two times and previous day, the baby cried alot, mom gently massage near her neck, and she felt well and slept. You can pray God bless the baby with good health and also let this problem, does not arise again, in the baby's body. Let God also bless my sister, and her husband, to...
  18. levi85

    Business to get started

    Friends, I had a shop liscense before few months, but not yet started, this business. You can pray that God bless this business, let lot of customers be added and they call me to do their electricity Bill payment, phone recharges, etc. Let God bless this business and make it a successful, for...
  19. levi85

    Salome's Birthday

    Friends, tomorrow 19th , is daughter's birthday, you can pray God bless her with good health, & growth in every areas of her life. Also you can pray tomorrow will be a good day for her and family, because it's a complete lockdown, and was not able to get any gift , or not able to get anything...
  20. levi85

    Bharat his son & wife

    Friends, I called Bharat, to check how he , his son and wife doing, as there are coronavirus in his neighbour and town. He told they are struggling with food, and specially for his son's milk. He asked me to keep in prayers, you can pray God protect his family from virus and bless his son with...